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It’s essential to support all learners in your college, and particularly those with additional learning needs. Cognassist offers further education providers a robust assessment process which enables the quick and simple identification of those learners. Because the assessment is digital it allows colleges to maximise their resources so they can focus their attentions on where support is needed most. And our learning resources provide tailored, personalised support to learners, improving retention and ensuring all learners have equal access to education. Get in touch if you’d like a demo or to talk further about how Cognassist can help you remove barriers to learning for all.

For more information on how Cognassist can help support you and your learners, apply for a demo, contact us or view our resources.

Further Education Colleges

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We’ve had really good results with [Cognassist], we’ve had 75% engagement for our learners … and it’s improved the retention of our learners, it’s improved progress; so we just want to maintain that now.

Tmasyn Lawton
Director of Apprenticeships, Lincoln College
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