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Cognitive Assessments

Identify learner needs in 30 minutes with our award-winning cognitive science platform.

Our digital cognitive assessment can help you quickly identify and evidence neurodiversity at scale, ensuring that no learner gets left behind. While also helping you to understand how all your learners think, process and retain information to provide a personalised learning experience.

Get to know your learners, drive greater inclusivity and help improve the quality of your provision for every learner.

Personalised learner support

Support your learners’ needs from day one with personalised insights for each learner.

You will be able to identify hidden learning needs and get guidance to provide the right support to help improve engagement and attainment rates.

Support identified learners with over 500 media-rich learning strategies to help them understand how they learn, develop coping strategies and keep them engaged throughout their programme.

Neurodiversity training

Transform organisational success and staff confidence with the latest neurodiversity awareness training.

We’ll teach your team how to understand the assessment, talk to learners about their cognitive profiles and how to tailor their approach based on assessment reports.

Join over 5,000 fully trained learning specialists today.

How many learners does your organisation have?


100 25,000+


learners that will leave you without any basic qualifications.


learners have a neurodiversity that requires support.


learning needs currently identified.

*Figures estimated based on UK research

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