Inclusive Assessment Organisations

At Cognassist, we strongly believe in promoting social mobility and upholding principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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The following Awarding Organisations have partnered with Cognassist to accept our Cognitive Diversity Assessment Report as evidence in their judgement of adjustments. These are the organisations demonstrating and leading the way for innovation and inclusion. Cognassist does not make or infer any decisions and all decisions are the right of the AO. 

Because of shared value around social mobility and a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and compliance to the Equality Act 2010. We believe in creating a fair playing field for neurodiverse learners to demonstrate their knowledge skills and behaviours without fear of disadvantage.  

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We take our science seriously and here's how we do it

How Cognassist supports learners

How Cognassist supports learners: A guide to our evidence-based framework

realise and cognassist pilot research and predicting dropout

Realise and Cognassist pilot research and predicting dropout