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Here at Cognassist, we celebrate neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is a term used to describe the cognitive diversity of the human brain – every brain is different! And it’s time we had solutions that meet the needs of every learner and employee, giving everyone an environment in which to thrive.

We want to unlock a journey of self-discovery of your own mind, drive greater public understanding of our differences and give every individual an equal opportunity to succeed in education, work and life.

Through cutting-edge technology, founded on scientific theory and research into cognition, we want to create a world where thinking differently is embraced, every day. And through the exclusive insights we provide, alongside leading training and practical support, we help you to deliver on this promise throughout education and work.

Our Solution

Cognitive assessment and personalised support

Our 30-minute digital assessment helps identify and support different types of cognition using an evidence-based approach. Bringing our cognitive differences to life and offering actionable ways to improve our learning and employment experiences.

Cognassist’s solution also provides individuals with personalised support and cognitive learning strategies to help them understand their strengths and learn ways to develop.

Neurodiversity training

Part of our mission at Cognassist is helping organisations understand neurodiversity, so that no one gets left behind.

As part of this, we offer comprehensive neurodiversity training at onboarding and beyond to ensure your organisation is living up to vital equality, diversity and inclusion commitments.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion solution for Neurodiversity

Our solution enables senior diversity leaders and HR professionals to empower neurodiversity awareness across all levels of business and drive an inclusive employment experience. Helping organisations to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

With our cognitive assessment and training tools, you can be confident that you are building an inclusive environment. We’ll help you implement best practises into your neurodiversity strategy to support each and every member of your team.

Education providers:

Ensure no learner gets left behind.

Our solution enables educators and tutors to identify hidden learning needs, personalise support and transform learner attainment.

With our cognitive assessment and personalised support tools, you can be confident you are helping each individual on their learning journey.

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