Scalable Cognitive Assessment

Cognassist’s online assessment works by quickly and easily identifying learners with additional learning needs, assessing those needs and providing a robust report evidencing those needs

Data-driven cognitive assessment

Advanced cognitive assessment developed by experts in neuroscience and educational psychologists identifies learning needs in 8 domains of the brain. Accurately identify starting points and use our detailed reports to comply with Ofsted requirements, access funding streams, and improve learner retention rates. All achieved through cutting-edge neuroscience and data technology.

Personalised learning strategies

Over 500 media-rich learning strategies mapped to levels 1-6 are personalised to individual cognitive learner profiles. This evidence-based learning programme enables your organisation to provide essential support to every learner. We improve quality of provision and support your diversity strategy with future-thinking made simple

Applied neuroscience training

Applied neuroscience and solution training delivered online, face to face or via e-learning ensures your staff have the skills they need to support all your learners. With a fully trained staff, you’ll improve retention and success rates and equip your organisation for the future

Unlock Learning Support Funding (LSF1)

By helping to identify hidden learning needs, providing personalised support to improve retention and providing reasonable adjustments guidance to improve completion rates, Cognassist can help you unlock greater access to Learning Support Funding.

Reasonable adjustments guidance

The Cognassist cognitive assessment not only identifies a learners additional needs right from their initial 30 minute assessment, it also provides guidance on the reasonable adjustments that may be necessary for that particular learner when it comes to their end-point assessment. This gives the maximum amount of time for training providers and end-point assessment organisations (EPAO’s) to prepare.


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