Help your learners reach their full potential.

Level up learner success and empower your organisation for the future with Cognassist's Neurodiversity platform.

Digital cognitive assessments

Identify individual learning needs in 30 minutes with our award-winning neuroscience tech. Increase retention rates, improve Ofsted compliance and access funding streams faster. 

Personalised learning strategies

Provide essential support to every learner with over 500 media-rich learning strategies. Unique learner content from levels 1-6 is personalised to individual cognitive learner profiles.

Applied neuroscience training

Join over 4,000 fully trained learning specialists. Transform success and retention rates with the latest neuroscience training.

Reasonable adjustments guidance

Guidance on the reasonable adjustments that you can make for each learner from start point to end point assessment to ensure they achieve their qualification.

Unlock Learning Support Funding (LSF1)

Unlock greater access to Learning Support Funding to help your learners achieve their goals.


Join us next Wednesday to uncover the facts about neurodiversity in adult education and the benefits of lifelong learning! by @InsideGovt

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