Expert-led neurodiversity training

A core part of our mission at Cognassist is helping organisations understand neurodiversity, so that no one gets left behind, and organisations operate in a legally compliant framework enabling everyone to thrive.

Many organisations are not adhering to the Equalities Act 2010. We believe neuro-inclusion should be embedded into your organisations’ cultural DNA, and we offer comprehensive neurodiversity training, to enable compliance.

We help to ensure your organisation is living up to vital equality, diversity and inclusion commitments.

Advanced cognitive diversity assessment and personalised reporting

Our 30-minute digital assessment helps identify and support different types of cognition using an evidence-based approach. Bringing our cognitive differences to life and offering actionable ways to improve our learning and employment experiences.

Flexible and continuous support

Our platform delivers ongoing support and personal development, including personalised strategies from neuropsychologists.

We recommend reasonable adjustments alongside bitesize modules to help people understand their strengths and learn ways to develop.

Where we are today

WHO WE HELPED 220,000+ Individuals assessed
Who recognises us 7,000+ employees trained in neurodiversity and compliance
How we’re growing 150+ customers, supporting learners and employees to improve inclusion

Cognassist wins Silver Award for Learning Technologies Organisation of the Year 2022

We’re incredibly proud to be named Silver Award winner for Learning technologies organisation of the year 2022 at the Learning Technologies Awards 2022.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion solution for Neurodiversity

Our solution enables senior diversity leaders and HR professionals to empower neurodiversity awareness across all levels of business and drive an inclusive employment experience. Helping organisations to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.


Ensure no learner gets left behind.

Our solution enables educators and tutors to identify hidden learning needs, personalise support and transform learner attainment. With our cognitive assessment and personalised support tools, you can be confident you are helping each individual on their learning journey.

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