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The Independent “Is it harder for girls with ADHD to be diagnosed?”

Claire Spreadbury asks the experts about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Unleash “How HR can support employees with hidden learning needs”

Celebrating and supporting diversity benefits all.

PT “Apprenticeship provider websites fail to cater for neurodiverse”

Apprenticeship websites missing accessibility statements.

SEN Magazine “Creating a Fairer Future for SEN Pupils”

Read Dr. Louise Karwowski discussing the future of education.

CEO Secrets “How to protect your mental health”

Watch the BBC segment with our CEO Chris Quickfall on navigating change.

How can apprenticeships become inclusive?

The Guardian discuss how we can improve inclusivity in apprenticeships.

Parenting: what to do if you think your child has a learning difficulty

Learning difficulties for children are far more common than you might think.

“Lack of support” for apprentices

A third of apprentices across the UK have learning difficulties or disabilities (LDD) – but only a fraction have been diagnosed.

How to build inclusivity into your online delivery

It’s time to consider the ways in which the best learning experience can be delivered.

Press releases

Cognassist welcomes Mark Care to lead partnerships

Cognassist welcomes Mark Care to lead on partnerships and growth in the apprenticeship sector

The Neurodiversity Masterclass

Cognassist launches the Neurodiversity Masterclass

Cognassist launches a free Neurodiversity Masterclass, endorsed by the NCFE as continuing personal development.

Cognassist receives £1m investment to fund its rapid growth

Cognassist receives £1m investment to fund its rapid growth and increase support for learners across the country

The story comes full circle: Cognassist CEO, gives back to The Prince’s Trust

In December, Geordie entrepreneur, Chris Quickfall, donated £10,000 to The Prince’s Trust as part of The Big Give.


Winner-of-Global-EdTech Startups Awards UK Semi-final

Cognassist named winners of the UK’s best EdTech Startup

Cognassist named winners of the UK semi-finals of the Global EdTech Startup Awards.

Digital impact awards 2020 win Innovation in Education

We won the Digital Impact Awards for Innovations in Education!

UK's fastest growing companies SVC2UK

Cognassist named one of the UK’s fastest scale ups

Cognassist named one of the UK's fastest scale ups by tech group SVC2UK.