Learning Technologies Organisation of the Year Award

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Cognassist are thrilled to announce that we won the Silver Award in the learning technologies organisation of the year category at the 2022 Learning Technologies Awards. It’s a big recognition of our team’s hard work to support our clients, particularly their learners and employees, and the passion we have to drive awareness of neurodiversity.

There were so many wonderful organisations nominated throughout each category, and a big congratulations to our fellow winners for Organisation of the Year, with Intuition winning Gold and Learning Pool winning Bronze.

The team and judging panel at Learning Technologies had this to say about our submission:

“Congratulations on your Silver Award. This was an impressive submission by an organisation that’s able to demonstrate impact in a deserving and under-nourished field at the same time as having to transform fast due to its success.

“We were particularly impressed by the way this organisation is creating and using its partnerships to drive ground-breaking research that is changing lives and our society for the better.

“We also liked the way the organisation’s evolution is driven by the users and the need to solve major problems but in an evidence-based way to maximise value. We were also impressed by the way that they’ve taken out the scariness from assessments and focused on the human-centred application which is why your proposition is so simple and appealing, you are a true learning organisation that others can learn from.

Perhaps with slightly stronger evidence of wider and sustainable impact, this submission might have made a strong case for Gold! Well done and we hope that this award will endorse all of you within the Cognassist family to continue your incredible work.”

These extremely kind words and the award itself have meant a lot to the whole team at Cognassist.

Here’s a snippet from our award-winning submission and product we showcased to the judges:

“We have developed one of the most advanced digital cognitive assessments. This statement may sound like hyperbole, but our cognitive science team have been developing a new version of our current assessment that uses data science algorithms to continually self-norm, improving accuracy as our dataset gets larger.

“It also provides ongoing professional user experience refinement, which has historically been ignored by psychometric test developers. Very few digital cognitive assessments exist, and even fewer are used within the general population to offer impactful change and more equality of opportunities.”

We don’t always shout about our own successes. When you work in Equality, diversity and inclusion, it’s easy to see all the progress that still has to be made and all the problems that still need solving. However, it’s times like these where we can be proud of what we’ve already achieved and use this to energise our future efforts.

In what seems like perfect timing, we’re also excited to be launching a research project with Newcastle University to examine early support interventions for learners at risk of dropping out with multiple research partners across the country. So, the evidence of wider and sustainable impact is already in the works.


About Cognassist

Cognassist is a neurodiversity platform that provides support for individuals in education and the workplace.  

In education, our SaaS product offers a digital cognitive assessment to help educators identify learning needs and provides personalised support to learners who may be at a disadvantage. 

In work, HR, DE&I and L&D professionals can use our assessment to support inclusion, empower all employees to understand how they think and learn and embrace neurodiversity.

We offer specialised training content for staff, a data-driven approach to supporting learning and development throughout adult life and bitesize strategies that empower diverse thinkers and build a culture of neuro inclusion.