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Free Neurodiversity Training Courses

On our dedicated learning platform you’ll find a number of full courses to enhance your understanding of neuro-inclusion in the workplace. Engage in top-level introductions to the concept of neuro-inclusion and the benefits to individuals and organisations of enhanced neuro-inclusive culture, in addition to specific courses covering reasonable adjustments in the workplace for colleagues with ADHD and guides to neurodifference disclosure.

Manager Responsibilities for Reasonable Adjustments: ADHD

This module is aimed at managers looking to adapt their management approach towards supporting employees with ADHD.

Here you can explore reasonable adjustments based on your employee’s needs and create a more neuro-inclusive working environment.

This module will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

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Workplace guide to neurodifference disclosure

This module is a comprehensive checklist for handling neurodifference disclosure in the workplace in a structured and mutually beneficial way.

This module will take approximately 8 minutes to complete.

Ambition with Cognassist

Upcoming Training Events


At Cognassist one of our core missions is to shine a light on neuro-inclusion in the workplace and what it truly means to be neuro-inclusive – for employees and employers. A part of enhancing this conversation as wide as possible we run regular webinars each aiming to tackle a particular topic and help organisations become more inclusive for all.

These are our upcoming webinars.

Unlocking Potential: Exploring an Employee-Centric Neuro-Inclusion Strategy

What is the role of a Neuro-inclusion Champion? With Special Guest Dom from Siemens

Disability Pride Month 2024

Achieving Compliance in Claiming Learning Support and Applying Functional Skills Exceptions

On-Demand Training Events


Browse our range of past events. Each webinar is packed with free valuable information that can inspire action today in your organisation.

These are our on-demand webinars.

Free Neuro-inclusion Resources

Building a business case for neuro-inclusion

Office-based workplace accessibility audit

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: Manager responsibilities

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: HR responsibilities

How to support neurodiverse employees

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

Your quick guide to equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

How to attract neurodiverse talent Checklist

Employers’ Responsibilities: Reasonable Adjustments, Equality Act & Discrimination

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