What we do

Here at Cognassist we are passionate about neurodiversity at work.

And to learn more about neurodiversity, it helps to understand the science of cognition.

What is cognition? We hear you ask.

Simply put, it’s how we interpret and experience the world around us – we all think, learn and work in our own way.

Using cognitive assessments, organisations can ensure that individuals are supported and equipped with the tools they need to thrive in their day-to-day working life.

We’re here to help you make cognitive diversity your greatest asset to drive innovation and inclusivity.

How it works

A diversity-led employment experience

  • Employees are invited to complete a 30-minute cognitive diversity assessment during onboarding.
  • HR leaders receive upskilling to consider neurodiversity in ED&I policy and practices.
  • Learning and development teams can use cognitive data to personalise employee development and engagement.
digital cognitive assessment

A culture of neuro inclusion

  • Give your organisation a better understanding of reasonable adjustments and supporting diagnosed neurodiversity.
  • Get guidance on employer and employee legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Offer your managers training and tools to help them support neurodiverse talent and get the best out of each employee.
neurodiversity training

A way to empower diverse innovation

  • Each individual receives a personalised cognitive report, identifying their strengths and areas of development.
  • We offer evidence-based strategies and techniques to employees, helping them work in the way that suits them best and build awareness and empathy at every level of your organisation.
  • Your organisation can offer unique ways to adapt personal development plans based on cognitive insights.
tips and strategies

Join the Cognitive Revolution

Don't just preach diversity - act.

Act to build and nurture an inclusive and diverse workforce across all demographics

Act to attract & retain top talent with robust ED&I and HR policies

Act to support each employee for increased engagement, wellbeing & productivity

Free Neurodiversity in the workplace masterclass

Our free masterclass provides greater insight into what neurodiversity at work really looks like and how you can implement better inclusive processes.

neurodiversity in the workplace masterclass

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