Neurodiversity matters to your employees and
your business

Times are changing – FAST.

There is huge pressure on HR leaders to attract, develop and retain staff at scale.

The cost of ineffective practices is high and excluding neurodiversity from your DE&I strategy can lead to loss of time, money and talent.   

By adopting neuro-inclusive best practices your organisation can realise the benefits of every diverse mind.  


year on year increase in neurodiversity tribunals

3 in 4

senior managers consider leaving for a more inclusive employer


employee engagement attributed to manager


employees report training did not improve performance

With Cognassist, you can take a proactive approach to neurodiversity at work

We all think differently: it’s our motto.

You want an organisation that values and accepts every unique perspective without discrimination.

From tick-box to outside the box, our neurodiversity at work platform is designed to recognise and embed cognitive differences and diversity into your organisation’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

Cognitive Profile

Cognitive assessments and personalised reports

Our cognitive assessment is based on scientifically rigorous empirical models of cognition and aligns with guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the American Psychological Association. It is designed to help you drive, measure and demonstrate progressive neuro-inclusion.

  • Provide employees with a quick but comprehensive 30-minute digital cognitive assessment during onboarding.  
  • Use cognitive data to personalise employee learning, development and training.   
  • Give every employee access to their personalised cognitive report, identifying individual strengths and areas of development. 
Cognitive Profile

Training and expert-led content at your fingertips

Upskill your workforce to inspire inclusive self-development with resources, advice, guidance and training modules, created with industry experts. 

  • Receive upskilling to consider neurodiversity in ED&I policy and practices. 
  • Offer your managers training and tools to help guide neurodiverse talent and get the best out of each employee. 
  • Get guidance on employer and employee legal rights and responsibilities. 
Knowledge Hub

Join the Cognitive Revolution

Don't just preach diversity - act.

Act to build and nurture an inclusive and diverse workforce across all demographics

Act to attract & retain top talent with robust ED&I and HR policies

Act to support each employee for increased engagement, wellbeing & productivity

Empower your people

Discover how Cognassist can support you in empowering your employees and enhance business performances.

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Become a neuro-inclusive pioneer

We are looking for those who embrace innovation and want to join us in championing neurodiversity at work.  


What’s in it for you? 

  • Take the opportunity to build and nurture an inclusive and diverse workforce with new innovative cognitive technology. 
  • Gain an insight into your employees that is unmatched, helping you to support each individual for increased job satisfaction. 
  • First access to our Knowledge Hub, with exclusive content and training on neurodiversity to empower your organisation. 
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