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virgin care cognassist

The Learning Enterprise Learner, Emmanuel Oluwaniyi

Supporting adult learners: my experiences with older DSA learners

train together cognassist

Train Together Learner, Liesel Cubitt

Image: Ask the inspector with Marina Gaze

Got inspection questions? Ask the Inspector: Q&A

cognitive assessment and age

Cognitive assessment: why age matters

Our CEO Chris Quickfall on Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Helping adults with learning differences

Adult learning insight from Marina Gaze

Cognassist assessment results

What do my results mean?

Dig into your results and what they mean.

Reasonable adjustment outcomes: success stories and the Ofsted EIF

How to make reasonable adjustments webinar event

BT talks about executing reasonable adjustments: Insider Q&A

Reasonable Adjustments series - Compliance panel

Government rules on reasonable adjustments: Q&A with ESFA and IfATE

neurodiversity 101 series

Welcome to Neurodiversity 101.

Neurodiversity 101: What is neurodiversity?

cognition and education

Neurodiversity 101: Cognition and education

cognitive domains

Neurodiversity 101: The domains of the brain

cognitive domains

Neurodiversity 101: The domains of the brain continued

how cognitive assessments work

Neurodiversity 101: How cognitive assessments work

Implementing reasonable adjustments

How to implement reasonable adjustments: Expert Q&A

what are reasonable adjustments

What are reasonable adjustments? And why are they crucial for learners?

Handling Stress: How does stress affect the brain?

Handling stress: How to tackle stress in positive ways

quick and easy ways to cope with stress blog

Handling Stress: 7 quick and easy ways to cope with stress

CEO secrets of Chris Quickfall

CEO Secrets…revealed

CQ shares his dashboard

Getting started with Cognassist

Learn implementation best practices.

Covid Stories: Lockdown support tips from Youthforce

Covid Stories: Train Together expands remote support

why do clients choose Cognassist

11 reasons why our clients choose Cognassist

lifelong learning letter to adults

Don’t hesitate: an open letter to adult learners

“I’m bad at learning”: How to build confidence in adult learners

the reasonable adjustments webinar series

The Reasonable Adjustments Series: join BT, IfATE and more

barriers to adult education blog

Adult education and poverty: Breaking down socio-economic barriers

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