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How to support Neurodiverse learners

Understanding neurodiversity and cognition is an essential tool to deliver the best support for your learners.

In this practical handbook, we share how you can recognise and support neurodiverse learners from end to end.

To help you deliver best in class learner support and transform learner attainment.

How to prevent your apprentices dropping out

Dropout rates are the most persistent problem facing the apprenticeship sector today.

In this handbook, we share 5 crucial tips for preventing your apprentices dropping out.

To increase retention and to transform learning outcomes for all your apprentices.

Image: How prevent your apprentices dropping out - cover

How to understand and safeguard your learners’ needs from day one

Whether you’re worried about getting it wrong or just not sure where to start, organisations and staff have a duty to support different learning needs.

In this whitepaper, we share 3 reasons why initial assessment makes all the difference to organisations and individuals.

To ensure everyone has an equal chance at success.

How to implement reasonable adjustments

Implementing reasonable adjustments in your organisation is easier than you think.

In this practical handbook, we break reasonable adjustments down into 5 simple steps.

To help you improve the learner journey and transform completion rates.

Reasonable adjustments handbook

How to support adult learners and drive progressions

We have to be ready to support growing numbers of adult learners, who will have to balance study with work, financial or caring responsibilities and will each learn at their own pace.

In this practical handbook, we break down how to best support your adult learners and drive progressions.

How to support adult learners handbook

How to support degree level apprentices

Degree apprenticeships are becoming a popular alternative to traditional undergraduate degrees.

Learning differences can affect people at every level of education, and these differences can cause difficulties for some learners.

In this handbook, we break down how to support level 6 and 7 learners and give 9 tips to drive inclusivity and support all learners to achieve their qualification.

How to support Degree Level Apprentices cover image

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