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Office-based workplace accessibility audit

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How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: Manager responsibilities

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How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: HR responsibilities

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How to support neurodiverse employees

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

Equality, diversity and inclusive workplace

Your quick guide to equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

How to attract neurodiverse talent Checklist

Reasonable Adjustments

Employers’ Responsibilities: Reasonable Adjustments, Equality Act & Discrimination


Maximise impact, minimise dropouts: The tutor's adjustment playbook

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How to remove barriers to learning: Handbook

How to implement reasonable adjustments: Handbook

How Cognassist supports learners: Guide

Best Practice reasonable adjustments: Handbook

How to understand and safeguard your learners’ needs from day one

How to support adult learners and drive progressions

How to prevent your apprentices dropping out

How to support degree level apprentices

How to increase opportunities and remove barriers in adult education

Neurodiversity Masterclasses

Want to learn more about what it takes to become truly neuro-inclusive?

Our Neurodiversity masterclasses, hosted by our cognitive science experts, brings you the fundamental principles for understanding, planning and actioning effective and inclusive strategies for the workplace and the classroom.

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