The “Neurodiversity at Work 2023: Demand, Supply, and a Gap Analysis” research from Birkbeck University of London found that:

of surveyed employees feared disclosing a neurodifference for fear of discrimination.

employees with a neurodifference are fearful of disclosing this to their employer.

of employers cite a lack of disclosure as a factor that makes it difficult to make adjustments for those who would benefit from them.

These facts in combination create a clear problem for achieving our goal of ensuring everyone can access personalised workplace adjustments that allow them to thrive.

The Cognassist Neuro-inclusion Support Framework

Typically, employees have a single binary option – to self-disclose a neurodifference to the company or to keep it to themselves.

At Cognassist we believe there needs to be more options in between everything or nothing.

With Cognassist you can provide immediate support to your colleagues while they maintain complete confidentiality with regards to their neurodifference. This is made possible by the Cognassist Neuro-inclusion Support Framework.

With our platform, an organisation can offer all their employees tailored support from an internal advocate for neuro-inclusion, while they maintain confidentiality.

Neurodifference/Neurodiversity disclosure framework

Disclosure stages


Protected Support

Protected Neuro-inclusion Champion Support

Protected System Support

Employees can disclose on the Cognassist platform completely confidentially. This information is not available to the employer. The employee is immediately provided with personalised adjustments and strategies that are specific to their neurodifference.

These adjustments and strategies can be applied by the individual to help remove any potential barriers they could be facing daily.

Neuro-inclusion Champion Support

This allows an employee to request support from a certified Neuro-inclusion Champion within your organisation, knowing the Neuro-inclusion Champion is bound to protect their privacy.

The Neuro-inclusion Champion is an employee within the organisation and therefore is perfectly suited to discussing options and support solutions with the employee. They have knowledge of the organisation’s culture and infrastructure.

This provides employees with an additional level of support. A trained neuro-inclusion-aware individual within the organisation who can provide additional support and advice without giving that information to anyone else in the company.

Disclosure framework

Neuro-inclusion Support Framework: Benefits to the Organisation


✓ Legal

Our platform has a legal wrapper for the Employee and Organisation that means a support request to Cognassist or a Neuro-inclusion Champion is protected knowledge and neither act as an Agent of your organisation during communication

Compliance and risk management: Understanding neurodiversity demographics can also help in ensuring compliance with legal requirements related to workplace diversity and accommodations. It can reduce the risk of discrimination lawsuits and improve the company’s ability to meet regulatory standards.


✓ Aggregated Data Dashboard

Without disclosure, an organisation cannot truly understand the diversity profile of the workforce. The Cognassist Neuro-inclusion Support Framework provides the anonymous/protected data collection mechanism to populate a Neurodifference dashboard so you can be aware of the true diversity profile.


✓ Support All Employees

With the Cognassist platform an organisation can confidently say they provide all employees the opportunity for support, even if they are not yet ready to disclose.


✓ Enhance EDI Reputation internally and externally

Demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion can enhance the company’s reputation both internally and externally. It can create a more positive workplace culture, improve employee morale, and attract a wider range of talent.


✓ Employee retention

Supported employees are happier employees. By providing mechanisms to ensure all staff are supported retain talented staff members and reduce recruitment costs.

Neurodifference Disclosure Framework: Benefits to the Employee

✓ Multiple levels of support

Provide a safe framework for all employees to work up to their desired level of support.

✓ Curated support

Available immediately even at the most private level of disclosure through personalised workplace adjustments and strategies.

✓ Improved employee satisfaction

Increased levels of support show you are an inclusive employer taking action and bringing your EDI processes into the future. Employees will become stronger advocates of their employer.

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