27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

Top tips to empower different thinkers in your organisation and break down barriers in the workplace.

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Supporting neurodiversity at work is essential for creating a truly inclusive culture.

Employers that don’t consider neurodiversity and workplace adjustments in their HR, learning and development (L&D) and managerial processes are at risk of failing to support a significant portion of their workforce and losing out on talent.

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Gain an awareness of how small adjustments can make a big impact for neurodiverse colleagues



Learn how to support neurodiverse employees through workplace adjustments



Find out how your organisation can take actionable steps towards building a neuro-inclusive work environment

In this handbook, we cover:

  • Verbal and communication workplace adjustments
  • Environmental workplace adjustments
  • Personal development workplace adjustments
  • Taking steps to build resilience and sustainable employee growth
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27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

We all experience challenges or anxiety in the workplace to some extent – that’s just the reality of being human. But for people who may experience more substantial difficulties, it can have a greater impact on their lives and can put people at a disadvantage.

It’s our responsibility to level the playing field to give everyone an equal opportunity for success.

Choose as many of these adjustments as you think could be useful and try them out. Getting to know your team and creating an environment where each person can thrive will help your team to remain resilient in the face of challenges and support each other’s personal growth.

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At Cognassist, we believe in a culture of inclusion, embracing different perspectives and empowering people with the knowledge of how they think and learn.

The outcomes for organisations are an ongoing culture of learning and wider awareness of what it takes to build a supportive and collaborative workplace.

We have a collective responsibility to promote healthy and effective ways of working.

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