How to build neuro-inclusive workspaces.

Your physical working environment has as much an impact on neuro-inclusion as the culture you create. Take a look at a few ways your organisation can change for the better with our workplace accessibility audit.



Consider workplace needs and triggers for neurominority employees



Learn ways to adapt your working environment to support neuro-inclusivity and wellbeing



Give your employees the tools to audit their own workspace

Your workplace accessibility audit:

  • Understand ways to implement neuro-inclusion at work
  • Get a condensed look at Cognassist’s support resources
  • Simple to use and interactive checklist
  • Conduct individually as an employee or universally as an HR or ED&I professional
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Neuro-inclusion workplace accessibility audit

Neuro-inclusion at work

Effective neuro-inclusion is about adapting our everyday practices and environment to suit different people, and the physical workplace is a vital part of that.

The distractions in the workplace can create barriers and potentially feel more overwhelming for staff who experience neurodifferences. Minimising these environmental triggers can create a better, all-round working experience, and not just for staff who may experience sensory hypersensitivity.

This is your opportunity to think about your wider workplace.

• How do you want your workplace to look and feel?

• How comfortable do staff feel working there?

• And what small changes can you make to build a more thriving workplace?

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Let's create more neuro-inclusive spaces.

Download our audit checklist

Discover more Cognassist support

Create targeted neuro-inclusion

Every person in your organisation needs to play a part in supporting a neurodiverse workforce, and managers play a crucial role. Help ensure your people have the appropriate knowledge and tools to make a difference.

Look at:

  • The legal responsibilities of managers
  • How to stay compliant with the Equality Act 2010
  • Ways to implement reasonable adjustments at work
  • Using evidence-based cognitive insights to empower your organisation and employees
How to comply with neurodiversity

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