We deliver advanced digital cognitive screening and neuro-inclusion support

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing learner software through a robust API; Enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating data exchange, and providing a streamlined and tailored solution to optimise your processes.

Digital Cognitive Assessments - Identify learner needs at scale in 30 minutes.

Reduce barriers to learning with our evidence-based cognitive diversity assessment.

Determine a robust starting point and evidence learner needs via our digital cognitive assessment and comprehensive reporting. Create an inclusive and evidence-based approach to learner support with neurodifferences and varying learning needs in mind. As per psychological guidelines, this is a performance-based assessment and can be used as part of an evidence pack.

Personalised & fully flexible learning support 

Our platform offers a learner-centric approach to support learning needs from day one. With scalable support and identification of learning needs across the entire cohort, our learner dashboards and monthly needs-based support strategies provide a comprehensive view of each learner's progress.

Get to know your learners, streamline processes for tutors, drive greater inclusivity and help improve the quality of your provision for every learner.

Neurodiversity training and robust reporting integration 

Elevate organisational success, boost staff confidence and decrease operating costs, by embracing the latest in neurodiversity training and technology.

Equip your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver outstanding learner support while adhering to internal and external quality standards. With comprehensive neurodiversity training, your staff will gain a deeper understanding of how to implement support that removes barriers to achievement, resulting in improved outcomes for all learners. 


Advanced and Proven Science 

At our core, we're an evidence-based neuro-inclusion platform that takes science seriously. Our Cognitive Diversity Assessment meets multiple rigorous methods and standards, and follows strict methods that align with the American Psychological Association's DSM-5 and the World Health Organisation's ICD-11 for neuro-developmental conditions.

Our reporting, and performance-based assessment, also conform to development standards published by the International Test Commission - 'Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment 2022, as well as The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing published in collaboration between the American Educational Research Association, APA and National Council on Measurement in Education.

How many learners does your organisation have?


100 25,000+


learners that will leave you without any basic qualifications.


learners have a neurodiversity that requires support.


learning needs currently identified.

*Figures estimated based on UK research


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"Implementing Cognassist has been a game-changer for us; we can now better support each individual thanks to a deeper insight into learning and development needs. We can also make vital adjustments and adapt assessments appropriately to help everyone complete their training on time.”
Paul Blackhurst
Head of Rentokil’s UK Technical Academy
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