Neurodiversity training and Neuro-inclusion platform

Our platform and training help you towards proactive legal and ethical compliance, to ensure all employees can thrive in the workplace.

Tackle some of the key legal and DE&I challenges

To solve complex problems, you need different minds working together. But you also need to foster that diversity and ensure you can attract, develop and retain neurodiverse talent.

Our data-driven tools and multi-level neurodiversity training give leaders, managers and employees a more meaningful way to create a culture of neuro-inclusion.

of HR teams struggle to address neurodiversity within their practices
of organisations have a neurodiversity plan globally
year on year increase in neurodiversity tribunals
of employees choose not to disclose their neurodiversity

High-impact neurodiversity training for Managers

We provide training for managers to develop their neuro-inclusive skillset using our evidence-based training frameworks. Take short e-learning modules alongside expert seminars to embed learning and fit around a busy calendar.

How it helps

COMPLIANCE Train to be legally compliant
ACCOMMODATIONS Understand and deliver reasonable adjustments
NEURO-INCLUSIVE Apply modern language and strategies
EXPERT-LED Personalised strategies from neuropsychologists
SUPPORT Educate and support every colleague to thrive
INTERVENTIONS Real-time support for every neurodiversity

Map your organisation’s cognitive diversity

Every brain is different. Each employee can choose to learn more about their cognitive profile. Our Cognitive mapping doesn’t result in labels, even for those with a neurodiversity, it shows people their natural processing bias and thinking differences. Enable every employee to understand their own cognition, act on it to thrive and develop a deeper understanding of cognitive diversity and neurodiversity.

HR neuro-inclusion frameworks

We share our knowledge and certify your people to embed entrusted practises into your organisation, creating a culture of safety and neuro-inclusion.

Use our HR Peer Community to learn from other successful initiatives deployed by other companies. Get answers to key questions on how they launched change across their organisation, what they might do differently and what benefits they’ve seen.

Product Guide

Enable diversity of thought as your competitive advantage

Follow many others and become a neuro-inclusive organisation
Take the opportunity to build and nurture a diverse organisation with innovative, neuropsychology-backed technology and neurodiversity training.
Unlock learning and development potential and train up internal neurodiversity champions and managers.
Access built-in reporting tools and cognitive mapping to empower people across your organisation.
“Partnering with Cognassist on our workplace trial of 500 cognitive assessments has been brilliant. The support before, during and after has been first class, enabling personalised as well as programmatic support to the Openreach team.”
Mark Rainbow
Chair of Neurodiversity ERG and L&D Delivery Manager
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