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Supporting adults returning to education

We have taken our experience of supporting apprentices and adapted it to meet the needs of learners on shorter programmes in adult education.

Adult education is potentially facing the greatest intake of learners in the sector’s history. Trends towards automation and the skills economy have accelerated, leaving many workers adrift; especially lower-skilled workers or those with out-of-date skills. Many of these workers will have been out of education for decades and will never have had a learning needs assessment.

Adult education providers will need to be able to scale up both their learning needs assessment and their ALN support capabilities to meet this challenge. Achieving this with traditional one-to-one human interventions is neither scalable nor cost-effective. Failing to meet the challenge exposes providers to lower completion rates if learners are not given a fair chance of success.

Cognassist can help you:

  • Identify hidden learning needs
  • Provide personalised learning strategies
  • Improve completion rates
  • Access funding to cover the cost of additional support

How can Cognassist help?

Cognassist allows providers to support learners holistically, from day one to end-point assessment. Our initial 30-minute assessment measures eight domains of cognitive ability in line with Department for Education definitions, identifying those with additional learning needs.
The learners that are identified are assigned personalised learning strategies to help them develop the skills and behaviours they need to achieve. Many adults returning to education in later life may have never had their learning needs assessed. Providing them with an insight into how their brain works can be transformative. It gives them an understanding of why they may have previously struggled with formal education because of how their brain processes certain types of information.

Can you claim LSF for shorter adult education courses?

The ESFA calculate LSF payments for each full calendar month where organisations show evidence of the support provided. You can only claim for courses that cover at least one whole calendar month. If you offer courses that are one month long in total but comprise of two partial months, these will not be eligible.
Cognassist provides support on the evidence you will need to collect at the outset of the learner’s course. However, with this evidence in place, you can subsequently claim for the same learner if they choose to progress onto a separate or successive course using the same IRL (Individualised Learner Report) and continued monthly evidence of the support provided.

How much LSF can be claimed?

The ESFA provides a flat rate of £150 a month between the from and to dates specified on the ILR. The payment is made directly to the provider.
The ESFA expects the total earned from the monthly rate to be enough to cover the provider’s costs.
If the monthly cost of providing support to a learner goes above the fixed monthly rate of £150, and you have evidence of the excess, you can claim for this excess through the Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS).
The learner must be receiving additional learning support on the last day of the month to receive LSF for that month. For example, if you enter 29 October as the ‘date applies to’ on the ILR, you will not receive LSF for October.

What is the minimum course length that Cognassist covers?

We have modified the Cognassist tool to allow learners to benefit from our support in as little as three months. We feel this is the minimum amount of time needed for the learner to receive the benefit. Therefore, providers of back-to-work training and adult education courses will be able to identify learners with a need and claim the available funding to facilitate better all-round support.

How much does Cognassist cost?

We have modified how we charge adult education providers for Cognassist to make it more cost-effective. We believe, from consultation with existing clients, that it is now a viable option for providers intent on delivering high-quality support for all learners.

What about a free trial?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide trials due to the nature of the assessment. However, we would be happy to arrange a demo presentation so you can see how the platform works.

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