SEND in the Education Inspection Framework

Client Ofsted inspection reports

Webinar: The Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and SEND learners

You’ll learn more about:

  • How SEND learners are now high profile in the EIF
  • Why you should ensure that you quickly identify any additional learning support needs and plan learning to meet these needs
  • Why it’s important to individualise learning and support to meet learners’ needs and help them embed concepts into their long-term memory
  • Why impact is so important and how you can help learners improve, develop and achieve

Webinar: Intent, Implementation & Impact

In this presentation, Marina looks at the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and what it means for learning providers including:

  • What’s not changed?
  • What has changed?
  • The “3 I’s” – Intent, Implementation and Impact
  • Quality of Education judgements
  • Inclusion – the fourth “I”
Image: Intent, implementation and impact with Marina Gaze card

Panel discussion – written Q&A: Ensuring Equality from The Quality Series

Panel host Dr Louise Karwowski, Director of Education at Cognassist is joined by:

– Kelly Townend, Quality Manager at WYLP 

– Marina Gaze, former Deputy Director of FE and Skills 

– Beej Kaczmarczyk, Chair of the Corporation of Chesterfield College Group, Chair of the Board of White Rose College of Beauty and Director at Learning Curve Group 

They covered the Quality Assurance Framework, the impact of policies on the ground and giving staff proper support. You can find the video on-demand here or read on for the full Q&A.

Webinar: Top tips for RoATP success

You’ll learn about:

  • Meeting apprenticeship requirements
  • Preparing apprentices for end-point assessment
  • Monitoring progress against all aspects of apprenticeship



Webinar: Get ready

You’ll learn more about:

  • The responsibilities of adult education to use the Adult Education Budget to provide local job opportunities and follow the EIF.
  • How effective support helps providers to evidence intent, implementation and impact in Ofsted inspections.
  • How cognitive assessment and personalised learning can help adults to overcome different cognitive barriers and re-engage with learning.

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