Prioritising Equality

We’re delighted to bring you part 2 of The Quality Series! In this session, we’re joined by: 

  • Kelly Townend, Quality Manager at WYLP 
  • Marina Gaze, former Deputy Director of FE and Skills 
  • Beej Kaczmarczyk, Chair of the Corporation of Chesterfield College Group, Chair of the Board of White Rose College of Beauty and Director at Learning Curve Group 

We start with a discussion on the Quality Assurance Framework and the impact it is likely to have on organisations’ quality assurance processes. “It looks really helpful and complements the EIF perfectly,” says Marina Gaze. “It breaks down some of the phases around Intent, Implementation, and Impact beautifully.” 

The framework is not only helpful for established providers but for new ones as well. As Kelly Townend mentions, it can help demystify things and provide a framework with a great level of detail. (you can still sign up for updates on the Quality Assurance Framework here). As assessment reports from Ofsted are starting to come through, she noticed the key recurring theme is the ineffective use of initial assessment for learners. Outstanding providers assess all learners at the starting point and put support in place right away. 

While it is good to have policies and procedures in place, Marina often finds there’s a mismatch between policy and what’s happening in reality, as evidenced by a recent experience observing a class. Her advice to organisations is to go out and see what the implementation and integration are on the ground. The best way to evidence quality is by getting close to it. 

“I can’t see equality as something separate from quality. I just see them so integrated.”
Beej Kaczmarczyk 

On the topic of supporting staff with this challenge, the panel explains that the important thing is making sure there is a strong starting point initial assessment, that staff is adequately trained and CPD is put in place. But training has to be ongoing, it’s not good enough to tick the training box and think that it’s over. 

In Beej Kaczmarczyk’s experience, when you embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the curriculum, it has a great impact on the learner that reaches beyond their apprenticeship. It’s a critical part of the learning process, which is why the word Impact is so critical in the way in which the framework is constructed.  

And as he points out, from a business point of view, the organisations which prioritise quality and put it right at the top of the agenda are also very successful. 

Catch the full event on-demand below.  You’re also available to submit questions when you watch on demand, so don’t be shy!

You can expect:

  • Discussions around the Education Inspection Framework and the importance of catering for SEND learners
  • Practical tips for how your organisation can prioritise equality throughout everything you do
  • Audience Q&A

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