Introducing Neurodiversity: Empowering Learning and Employment

FE News and Cognassist collaborated to bring you a series of bitesize videos on neuro-inclusion in education and the workplace.

#1 Neurodiversity and Hidden Needs

In Reel #1, Gavin O’Meara and Dr Louise Karwowski speak about neurodiversity and hidden needs.

#2 Turning Point for Learner Neuro-inclusion

In reel #2 of the series , Gavin and Dr Louise spoke about neurodiversity continuing personal development (CPD). This second Reel is all about the turning point for learner neuro-inclusion.

Cognassist and FE News - Neurodiversity and hidden needs

#3 Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Welcome to Reel #3 in the ongoing collaboration between FE News and Cognassist on Neurodiversity: Empowering Learning and Employment.

Reel #3 now turns towards Neurodiversity in the Workplace, and the similarities and differences we see between the working world and our education journey.

Neurodiversity-empowering-learning-and-employment-Neurodiversity in the workplace Cognassist

#4 Supporting Neurodiverse Employees + Benefits of Neurodiverse Talent

Reel #4 of the series focuses on what businesses can do attract and retain neurodiverse talent and looks into why businesses would benefit from doing so.

#5 Neuro-inclusion and the Law

In reel #5 we turned our attention to the legal landscape surrounding neurodiversity.

#6 Evidencing Learner Support

Reel #6 focuses on education and in particular, how can practitioners document and evidence the support they are providing. This is an important topic to ensure learners are getting value from the support and also to protect against funding clawback.

#7 Cognition and Neurodiversity – Impacts in Education

In this reel we discuss cognitive profiles and common ways in which cognitive differences manifest and the value in understanding cognitive diversity in education.

#8 Memory and Inclusive Learning Strategies

Reel #8 tackles the heavy question of “How do we learn?”. Outlining some important learning mechanisms and learning strategies with a focus on what inclusive learning should look like.

#9 Advice for Reasonable Adjustments

In reel #9 we cover reasonable adjustments in both education and the workplace including examples of easy-to-implement reasonable adjustments.

#10 Reflecting on the Series

The final reel offers a retrospective on the series.

Bonus Finale

Gavin O’Meara of FE News and Dr Louise Karwowski return for a bonus episode truly wrapping up the series. A lively Q&A session where the hosts were joined by Lee Harrison, Apprenticeship Development Manager at the RSPCA, and Dan Harris, CEO of Neurodiversity in Business.

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