The Reasonable Adjustments Series: join BT, IfATE and more

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We’re thrilled to announce The Reasonable Adjustments Series

A series of digital conversations about Reasonable Adjustments. What are they? Why they matter? And their impact on learners.

Our brains are just as unique as our fingerprints but far more complex!

We all think, learn and experience the world differently. And whilst we’ve made progress in accelerating inclusivity in education, significant barriers exist for many learners.

Put simply, reasonable adjustments are the measures taken to make learning, education, and, more broadly, the world equally accessible to everyone.

Think left-handed scissors.

If you want to get technical:

“A reasonable adjustment is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or a physical or mental health condition, which may place a person at a disadvantage during employment, education or training.”

What is crucial is that employers, training providers and EPAOs have a legal duty, under the Equality Act 2010, to provide reasonable adjustments.

This event series will include various viewpoints – the end point assessment organisation, the employer provider, the independent training provider, the government and, crucially, the learner.

We’ll be cutting through the noise and complexity of the legislation and sharing insights and expert perspectives that will help you improve the quality of your programmes, increase achievement rates and ultimately, help your learners reach their full potential.

Reasonable adjustments must be provided for those that need them, and we’re on a shared mission to make reasonable adjustments a reality in the Apprenticeship sector.

Will you join us? Don’t miss out and watch the full series on demand now.