Maximise Impact, minimise dropouts: The tutor’s adjustment playbook

This resource is designed for tutors and administrators working in further education programmes. It focuses on understanding cognitive differences, their impact on learning and how to mitigate these challenges with targeted interventions.

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What’s included

  • The concept of reasonable adjustments.
  • The primary cognitive capacities and domains.
  • Examples of supportive interventions.
  • The evidence and efficacy of these adjustments enhancing learning outcomes.
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The power of reasonable adjustments in education

Whether it helps to adjust the time allocated to a task or alter the delivery of a lesson, tailored adjustments are crucial in overcoming barriers that might obstruct a learner’s path to success.

Every learner, knowingly or unknowingly, makes adjustments throughout their educational journey. Tweaking note-taking methods, recording lectures for later review or utilising mind-mapping for complex topics, these individual adjustments serve as catalysts, propelling learners towards their goals.

Download the handbook today to discover a range of examples of reasonable adjustments that can be implemented to support your learners.

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