The Quality Series 2021

The Quality Series #1: Ensuring Equality

Mesma CEO, Louise Doyle, joins us as we reveal the new Quality Assurance Framework!

The Quality Series #2: Prioritising Equality

Marina Gaze, former Deputy Director of FE and Skills at Ofsted, Kelly Townend, Quality Manager at West Yorkshire Learning Provider Network and Beej Kaczmarczyk, Director at Learning Curve Group join us as we discuss how you can ensure equality is prioritised within your quality assurance processes.

The Quality Series #3: Embedding Equality

Federation of Awarding Bodies, Education and Skills Funding Agency and the BAME Apprenticeship Network join us for the final in the series!

The Quality Assurance Framework

The LDD Quality Assurance Framework Module is available free of charge to everyone.

The online Framework is hosted on the Mesma platform and will take you step by step through the five key stages of the learner journey and facilitate self-reflection and audit on your support for learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities at each of these stages.

Good news! Anyone is able to access this module, you don’t need to be a pre-existing Mesma customer.

Harness cognition to ensure no learner is left behind

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