Ensuring Equality

We’re very excited to bring you part 1 of The Quality Series in partnership with Mesma! In this first session, we discuss the Quality Assurance process, in particular the role of thematic reviews and a framework for supporting learners with LDD. 

The recent change of language from Ofsted, which now highlights the need to fully support all learners, has put a spotlight on equality and ensuring that every learner is supported. 

“True quality and true equality incorporate educational equity.”
Dr Louise Karwowski. 

So how do you drive quality for all learners and how can your Quality Assurance processes support that? 

Under the Education Inspection Framework, there’s a framing question that sums up quality assurance down to a single point: What is it like to be a learner with us? 

Louise Doyle then introduces the role of thematic reviews in the Quality Assurance process. At Mesma, she sees a range of clients who sometimes struggle with different aspects of thematic reviews. This could be due to a lack of emphasis on exploring the issues, instead jumping to solutions too quickly, or struggling with the structure and planning of those reviews; the when, who and how. 

In essence, thematic reviews are evidence-based storytelling, helping you to prioritise your improvements and hopefully see the story change for the better over time. 

“What Mesma and Cognassist talk about a lot is how to help and support you to move beyond compliance by not just asking if something is happening but whether it’s happening well.”
Louise Doyle. 

In this session, we also introduce the Quality Assurance Framework for LDD that we’ve been working on in partnership with Mesma. The framework includes questions for reflection and self-assessment that build on existing best practices from the sector, clients, and people involved in our working group. It is built around five pillars: Identify, Plan, Support, Review and Prepare. 

Please fill in this form to sign up for updates on the LDD Quality Assurance Framework from Mesma (free to all, you don’t even need to be a Mesma customer). You will be able to use the framework interactively, with space to take notes, grade yourself if you want to, and create an action plan. 

Watch the event now to hear the full discussion.  

You can expect:

  • Summary of the Quality Assurance Cycle especially the role of thematic review
  • An introduction to The Quality Assurance Framework
  • Discussions around quality assurance and equality, diversity and inclusion

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