Free Training

Utilise World Autism Acceptance Week to begin or enhance your knowledge of autism. These Courses are free for this week only!

Becoming Autism Aware - Course


If you're curious about autism utilise these resources to enhance your and your workforce's awareness and knowledge on the subject.

Autism in the Workplace - Guide

What every parents needs to know about autism - Article

Office-based workplace accessibility audit - Template

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations - HR Handbook

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity - Guide

How to support your neurodiverse employees - Handbook

How to attract neurodiverse talent - Checklist

Personal Stories

Hear from a range of neuro-different individuals about their experience.

“I felt liberated”: Alex’s Neurodiversity Story


Discover the range of Neuro-inclusion packages available to you and your workforce this World Autism Awareness Week!

Neuro-Inclusion Packages