Attracting neuro-different people into your workplace is essential for creating a truly inclusive culture.

We’ve created the below to help you improve your ability to attract neuro-different talent. The document focuses on three core parameters: Vision, User Experience and Neurodiversity Awareness.

We genuinely believe that by working together we and support everyone
to reach their full potential inside and outside of the workplace, or both!

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Download the checklist here

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Office-based workplace accessibility audit

Your physical working environment has as much an impact on neuro-inclusion as the culture you create. Take a look at a few ways your organisation can change for the better with our workplace accessibility audit.

Via this audit, you can:

  • Understand ways to implement neuro-inclusion at work
  • Get a condensed look at Cognassist’s support resources
  • Simple to use and interactive checklist
  • Conduct individually as an employee or universally as an HR or ED&I professional
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