With our platform you can:

Provide better support by understanding cognitive assessments

We’ll teach your team how to understand the assessment, brain profiles and how to tailor their approach based on assessment findings. This means a better-supported learner and a staff empowered by science.

Create confidence in cognitive neuroscience

Your team will be trained in the latest developments in cognitive neuroscience. This reduces the ‘fear factor’, increases staff confidence and improves their effectiveness in dealing with learners with additional learning needs.

Join over 5,000 neurodiversity trained experts

Our experienced team train thousands of staff per year. This means a high-quality training programme and the knowledge that you’ve selected the very best solution for your team. Highly skilled staff leads to well-supported learners and better outcomes for all.

Increase learner achievement with personalised learning

Use your new knowledge and insights to give your learner the best chance of first-time success in their end-point assessment.

You can also:

Access detailed system training for increased adoption

In-depth training means a more confident team right from the outset. Your staff will be trained on how to use the learning strategies so they can work with the learner to achieve their learning goals.

Upskill with a range of training options

Our highly developed staff training programme contains classroom, remote, e-learning and blended options. That way you can ensure that none of your staff are left untrained in how to support learners using cognitive neuroscience.

Empower your organisation for the future with neurodiversity

Equip your staff with the latest cognitive neuroscience techniques and practices to level-up your entire organisation. You’ll improve learner success, retention and completion rates.

Get your neurodiversity qualification, for FREE

Pre-register for our Neurodiversity Masterclass and get your free accredited qualification in neurodiversity to help you unlock your learners potential.

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