A Short Q&A with PTS Training Academy

Posted on August 30th, 2019

PTS Training Academy are specialists in providing apprenticeships, learner loans & commercial training, all fully funded by the UK Government & European Social Fund. They’ve been good enough to answer a few questions about their experience of using Cognassist.

How long have you been using Cognassist?

PTS Training Academy has been using Cognassist since March 2019. Our first learner assessed was on the 21st of March 2019.

What made PTS decide to invest in Cognassist?

PTS Training Academy decided to invest in the Cognassist system after identifying our support for learners with additional needs was not to the high expectations we set ourselves across our delivery. We wanted to find a solution which was efficient in terms of making it a simple process to get our learners assessed and also tell us exactly what support the learner requires. The Cognassist system provides this and much more by taking pressure off an already busy work schedule for our employees and maximising the amount and quality of tailor made support to our learners.

What sort of challenges were you facing before you brought Cognassist on board?

The biggest challenge that PTS Training Academy faced was getting our learners assessed and providing sufficient evidence to the ESFA to justify the claim for additional support. The Cognassist system ensures that not only have we justification for the claim, we have a strong evidence trail to support for the apprenticeship duration. More importantly our learners now have a high quality support tool for the duration of their apprenticeship.

How were those challenges affecting your learners?

Our learners have always been our priority and although we have always tried to go above and beyond to ensure any additional support requirements are addressed, it is clear that the support we can offer now is far greater and better addresses the individual requirements. Cognassist is the biggest reason behind this and has given PTS Training Academy the confidence to invest into additional learner support to make our learners experience for the duration of their apprenticeship the best it can be.

How were those challenges affecting your staff?

Before the introduction of Cognassist into the business the workload of our tutors was far greater as they were required to create their own resources to support individual learner needs. The Cognassist system creates these support tools for our tutors through the four modules assigned to the learners profile each month which are designed to address their individual needs. These modules are engaging for our learners and the tutor guidance ensures that our tutors are efficiently supported to have a discussion with the learner about how the support has benefited them.

What did you enjoy most about the implementation and training of Cognassist?

The implementation and training for Cognassist was exciting for us all at PTS Training Academy. We always want to better ourselves and learn to support our own personal development as well as the development of our company. Our account Manager Carrin Rothwell is particularly supportive and responsive to any questions or support requirements we have. Additionally, the training delivered by Louise Karwowski has been very informative and the feedback I have received from staff at PTS Training Academy has been very positive toward both Carrin and Louise.

Any positive outcomes to share?

Although it is still early days with Cognassist at PTS Training Academy our employer feedback has been positive as they have seen their staff engagement with their apprenticeships increase along with productivity within their job roles. The general learner feedback is that they now recognise areas in which they had previously struggled with and turned this into a positive through engagement with the system and utilising the support provided to them in their daily work and home life.

Posted on August 30th, 2019
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