Liesel has long since understood that some things that come easy to other people are much harder for her. She discovered this in school when observing that she would spend more time poring over books and burning the midnight oil to retain the information needed for tests and exams whilst it seemed that for others this was not the case.

While she passed through school and gained her qualifications, she admits that school really wasn’t the best experience for her and preferred work-based practice. At work, Liesel noticed that things like printing documents and arranging them into their proper order were not easy for her.


Liesel meets Cognassist

In January 2020, the CEO of Train Together, Charles Dall’Omo asked her to sit in on a Cognassist demo. He shared his thoughts with her that he believed it would greatly benefit her learners. Liesel, in her own words, describes her thoughts on Cognassist after the demo: 

“I sat in on this demo, and I was really impressed with it. I hadn’t seen anything like it before.” 

While Charles knew that Cognassist would have a significant impact on Train Together learners, Liesel didn’t yet entirely understand the benefits it could bring – both as a trainer and a learner. 
As part of her course, a level 5 in education and training, she was required to take the Cognassist assessment where she matched and had a learning difficulty identified. For Liesel, it was a lightbulb moment. 

Suddenly it all made sense.  

This was why she thought she was slowly catching up on things and had been “rubbish” at doing jigsaw puzzles as a kid.


How Cognassist has helped her 

As a trainer at Train Together, she can help her learners who have also matched on Cognassist. Using her own experience of Cognassist and the tools that it has given her enables her to relate to the difficulties they face. 

Liesel is also able to have a deeper understanding when it comes to struggling with day-to-day tasks. Instead of wondering why these are difficult despite their simplicity, she understands the reason behind her difficulties. Now she can perform these tasks by using the support strategy she’s gained from Cognassist. 

The result? Liesel better understands how she thinks and learns, which enables her to be her most productive self! 

Liesel also has a better understanding and more empathy when working with her learners who have learning needs. She shares her story, the impact Cognassist has had on her own life, with her learners and gives them tips to implement their own strategies too. It’s not only helped her become a better learner but also a better trainer too!


Her recommendation 

Liesel recommends Cognassist not just to other trainers but also to other learners.  

She says she has been able to use the strategies to make her work and life easier. This means not only understanding the best way to approach tasks to ensure she gets it done in a way that suits how she thinks but also how she engages with the people around her. 

Liesel even finds herself sharing tips she has learned from Cognassist, such as teamwork strategies, with her family and colleagues too.  

In one example of this, Liesel shared a strategy learned from Cognassist with a learner, which prompted the learner to reevaluate her entire company strategy!


The impact 

After years of not understanding how she thinks and learns, Liesel now feels empowered to be the best version of herself through the impact of cognitive intelLiesel has also enjoyed watching the domino effect Cognassist has had by not only improving her life but those around her and the people around them too. 

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