What you can do with our digital cognitive assessment

Identify learning needs faster and evidence them to Ofsted

The assessment determines and evidences neurodiversity in the 8 domains of the brain which affect thinking and learning. You’ll know how to support your learners, from day 1.

Understand learners and their needs in more detail

Detailed cognitive profiling gives you a detailed understanding of your learners and how they differ from their peers. So you can help them achieve their full potential.

Improve Ofsted scores with increased attainment rates

By identifying cognitive diversity at the start of your learner journey, you can better support your learners’ individual needs, increase learning outcomes and improve your Ofsted ranking.

You'll also

Streamline your onboarding process

Our digital assessment is simple and easy to use. Designed by experts in educational and neuropsychology, it’s convenient for your learners and improves your on-boarding process.

Scale success as your organisation grows

Exceed your operational and quality requirements and eclipse learner needs and expectations, as you expand. The more you grow, the more value you get from the platform.

Improve decision making with insights at your fingertips

Get insights into reasonable adjustments required and activities likely to need support. Leverage the data to monitor trends, track staff and learner performance, and act quickly to improve retention and success rates.

Get your neurodiversity qualification, for FREE

Pre-register for our Neurodiversity Masterclass and get your free accredited qualification in neurodiversity to help you unlock your learners potential.

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