Why is Cognassist the right choice for your learners?

For some customers, it’s about taking tangible steps to help increase learner attainment. For others, it’s about having confidence in knowing you can provide the right support at the right time.

And for many, it’s the knowledge that you’re helping improve the lives of learners on a day to day basis.

We thought we’d share some of the most powerful reasons with you:


We’ve been able to increase learner attainment by 10% in the last year: Asa Gordon, Bradford College

“Overall, our success rates for apprenticeships have improved and there is higher retention and progression. Using Cognassist, we can quickly see engagement reports, measure learner progress and provide a whole package of support for the learner. With programmes in Adults and Access we are already seeing increased engagement and progression using the Cognassist platform”.

Cognassist client Bradford College Asa Gordon headshot


We’re able to deliver assessment and strategies at scale: Eloise Rahman, Multiverse

“It’s invaluable to assess learners with additional learning needs. We’re able to deliver assessment and learning strategies at scale. Our coaches constantly adapt learning and put in extra interventions for learners but we didn’t have a way of tracking and claiming for this in the past.”


Cognassist can put powerful tools in the hands of your staff: Allan Milne, Salford City College

“We have placed the software at the heart of our additional learning support offer. Providing our delivery team with a comprehensive assessment and support tool is one of the key reasons we invested in the system. The service from the team at Cognassist has been excellent and already we are seeing really positive impacts.”

It gives us certainty that we’re doing the best we can to support our learners from day one: Bevin Currie, YMCA

“Cognassist has been a real game-changer for us. It gives us certainty that we’re doing the best we can to support our learners from day one. The ability to able to identify hidden needs and provide tailored support at scale has helped create the environment where our learners can reach their full potential”.

Cognassist client YMCA Bevin Currie headshot


It really does work: Kathy Bennett, Doncaster College Group

“The assessment is an excellent way of identifying additional support needs. I have completed assessments with apprentices who have dyslexia and the assessment matched their previous profile from school, so it does work. The strategies are easy to follow and again there have been some instances where employers have noticed the difference at work since the apprentice started to use the strategies.”


Learners see the value in their day to day lives: Jasmine Daniels, Lincoln College

“Cognassist empowers us to provide genuine support for all our learners. We get incredible engagement with the platform, and learners really see the benefit of using it in their day to day lives, at college and in the workplace. Our learners have embraced the platform and use it to help them succeed.”


Increased confidence and improvement inside and outside of our programme: Roxanne Watkins-Ellis, Universal Learning Streams

“Candidates have had increased confidence in their learning abilities and improvements in tasks, inside and outside of our apprenticeship programme. Our teams have now built up a confident approach to working with different types of learning styles.”


Learners feel empowered to have better opportunities: Clare Williams, Capita Knowledge Pool

“It has made a huge impact personally and in work. Learners feel empowered to adapt their ways of thinking and working to have better opportunities and increased work-life balance. The system meets each person’s needs.”


Cognassist are great: Simon Martin, Learning Skills Partnership

“Cognassist as an organisation are great to work with. They listen to feedback and continually make improvements to the system. The platform helps to understand learners’ needs and therefore improve their learning experience.”


An accessible tool to support learning: Daniel, employability apprentice, Ixion

“A short and snappy reflective learning tool that helps you work towards your aspirations.”

“[Cognassist] is like the cement that holds bricks together in terms of learning.”

“The outcomes of the apprenticeship will definitely be improved because of Cognassist, and I think that will probably be the case for a lot of people that access this.”


Cognassist is suitable for anyone to help them achieve skills and handle everyday situations better: Lois, a learner, Youthforce

“I enjoy using Cognassist because the topics are very useful and relate well into a working situation, e.g. how to present your information in a clear and concise way or how to write emails in a professional way.

However, it also relates with my personal life because some tasks also cover topics relating on how to interact with people around you which can be useful in your day to day life, for example a recent task was on how to manage challenging conversations and this could relate to and not just inside of work.

I can be quite a shy person so these topics relating to conversations are a real big help. Cognassist is suitable for anyone to help them achieve skills and handle everyday situations better.”


The real question isn’t why our clients choose Cognassist, it’s why wouldn’t you?