Terms of Service - Starter Pack

Last updated: Feb 2024


Commencement Date: 4 weeks post acceptance of contract.
Initial Term (months): 12 months then monthly recurring.
Cancellation Policy Non-refundable.
Customer address for notices:  



Supplier address for notices: Email: info@cognassist.com

Postal Address

C/O RMT Accountants and Business Advisers Limited,

Gosforth Park Avenue,


Tyne and Wear,

NE12 8EG

User Rights:  

Training and Certification Licences

For the following End User Types, volume of Certifications and delivery format

End User Type No. of Certifications Delivery Format
employee 50 e-learning
manager 20 webinar
5 webinar

Where delivery format is webinar the user may at their discretion chose an alternative of e-learning at no additional cost.


Software Licences

For the following End User Types and volume of annualised licences.

End User Type No. of Licences
administrator 1
employee 50
manager 20



Training and Certification Licences

End User Type Cost per User
employee* N/A
manager* N/A
neuro-inclusion champion* N/A

*is included within Software Licence Fees


Software Licence Fees 

End User Type Cost per User Cost per Tenant
administrator £ N/A
employee £ N/A
manager £ N/A
neuro-inclusion champion N/A N/A
Access Management: SSO N/A N/A
Access management: MFA N/A N/A

SSO. Single Sign On

MFA. Multifactor Authentication



Total Costs
Total £ 399



Charges are subject to change based on the following

Cognassist will monitor total number of Accounts and will endeavour to inform a Customer when they are nearing the maximum number of Accounts and to inform them of any potential charge:

If the Customer exceeds its number of Accounts, the Customer will be offered the opportunity to purchase more Accounts. Should the Customer decline the option to purchase additional Accounts, then Cognassist shall charge the Customer a sum equating to 10% of the Charges per exceeded Account.

Should the Customer not use the number of Accounts within the Initial Term of this Agreement, the Customer is not entitled to downgrade their pricing, but can do so at time of renewal.


Invoicing: Invoice dates:

All applicable Charges in year one to be billed and paid by Customer no later than 30 days prior to the Commencement Date and next twelve months fees at each anniversary thereof




Customer address for Invoices:



Postal Address:

Specification of Software Including Deliverables:


The Cognassist Training and Certification consists of:


End Users:



Educational materials via a combination of webinar, on-demand, HTML, or other such electronic medium introducing relevant and actionable managerial concepts specific to cognition, cognitive diversity, neurodiversity, neurodiversity and the law, and best practise leadership behaviours, includes Neuro-inclusive Manager certification upon successful assessment outcome. (One off training)




The Cognassist Software Platform consists of:


Cognitive assessment

Suitable for persons aged 16+ years. Measures cognitive processing within the following areas of processing:

1.      Executive function

2.      Verbal reasoning

3.      Visual perception

4.      Visual information processing speed

5.      Verbal memory

6.      Non-verbal memory

7.      Literacy

8.      Numeracy

9.      Reading Decoding


End User Report

Personalised HTML report

Presents results in a series of charts and diagrams;

Presents personalised strategy recommendations based upon statistical analysis or End Users’ disclosures, or End Users’ cognitive mapping results


Neurodiversity Representation

Charts presenting data showing the representation of End Users across Customer organisation that identify with a neurodiversity.


Learning Management System

Hosts and delivers training which does not lead to certification;

Hosts and delivers Webinar and e-learning certification training;

Booking and access system for Webinars;

Employee training which can lead to neuro-inclusion awareness certification upon success completion of assessment.



Application Programming Interface (API)

API integrations will be considered at request and will involve a paid for scoping session and a quotation. Once approved by Customer in writing a separate work schedule will be provided.

Support Policy Supported Product

Cognassist Platform


Support Hours

Monday to Friday

Business hours 9am – 5pm GMT

(Excluding UK Bank Holidays)


Support Contact 

Email: support@cognassist.com


Target Response Times 

We will use all reasonable endeavours to respond to your query within 4 hours.



Cognassist has no Technical Support obligations with respect to the issues relating from: (a) Customer’s equipment, network connections or other infrastructure; (b) use of Cognassist platform by Customer in violation of the License Agreement

Details of data processing Nature and Purpose

To deliver to the Customer the Deliverables including access to the software and to enable Authorised Users to access the software.


Categories of Data

Personally Identifiable Information

Special Category Data

Health Data


This Services Plan is subject to the Cognassist Terms and Conditions (“Service Agreement”), and once executed forms a contract between us (Cognassist UK Limited, a company registered in England under company number 12159846), and you (the “Customer” as set out in the Services Plan). It is important that you read this Services Plan carefully as upon execution below by you there will be a binding legal Contract between us which incorporates this Services Plan and the Service Agreement.

By ticking the box below, you, the Customer, accept the terms of this Service Plan as governed by the Service Agreement.