What you can do with our platform:

Support your learners’ individual needs from day 1

We give you the insights you need to accurately define starting points for each learner. You can identify the areas they will struggle with, provide support and improve programme completion rates.

Improve learner success from end to end

We map how your learners think and where they’ll need support with tailored learning plans across their entire educational journey, from start to finish, increasing attainment rates and Ofsted scores.

Maximise engagement with tailored digital resources

Our learning platform contains over 500 media-rich resources including short courses, videos, graphics and interactions to help them understand how they learn and to keep them engaged throughout their programme.

Improve learning outcomes with reasonable adjustments

Get individual guidance on the reasonable adjustments you need to take to give your learner the best chance of first-time success in their end point assessment.

You'll also

Save hours and days of time with expert resources

Resources are developed and personalised plans directed by our team of educational psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists. Resources are scientifically tailored to individual learner needs, saving hours of time.

Give learners curriculum specific support

Curriculum appropriate strategies mapped across levels 1-6 mean learners are provided with strategies that suit their individual needs, ensuring better outcomes at all stages.

Easily record details of support provided

Record the support you provide your learners. Demonstrate to Ofsted that you can identify and respond to individual needs effectively and support improved outcomes for all learners.

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