Collaborative recognition at the Quality Professional Awards

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Cognassist, in partnership with Educationwise, are delighted to have been recognised for the ‘Quality Collaboration of The Year’ Award at the ‘Quality Professional Awards 2024’.

These awards celebrate the work of the unsung quality heroes in the FE, Skills, Apprenticeships and Employability sectors. Award organisers have informed us (Cognassist and Educationwise) that we ‘have been recognised for the brilliant work we do in Quality Assurance and Improvement’.

Specifically, the ‘Quality Collaboration of the Year Award’, is a ‘joint award that recognises two or more quality professionals, or teams, who have demonstrated outstanding collaboration to improve quality of education or employability sectors’.

Via the award nomination, Nick Preston – Director of Quality, Compliance and Excellence at Educationwise Academy, informed judges that…

The collaboration between Educationwise Academy and Cognassist, initiated in September 2021, epitomises a forward-thinking alliance aimed at amplifying learner support within apprenticeship delivery.   

‘The mission of this partnership was to harness Cognassist’s expertise in identifying neurodiversity needs, thereby endowing staff with targeted tools to uplift learner engagement and success.

‘With Cognassist’s adeptness in pinpointing diverse educational requirements and Educationwise’s commitment to putting the learner at the heart of all they do, the aim was twofold: to enable learners to excel in their roles and to become champions of inclusivity in education by recognising and addressing neurodiversity.

‘To guarantee the triumph of this union, a meticulously crafted change management plan was set into motion… [In addition] the success was further cemented by embedding Cognassist’s evaluative measures into onboarding procedures, ensuring that the support system was introduced at the outset of a learner’s journey.

‘The collaboration’s impact has been nothing short of transformative. With Cognassist’s insights, Educationwise has pinpointed and catered to the individual learning needs of its learners, many of which might have remained obscured without this partnership.’


Since initiating Cognassist in 2021, Educationwise have increased the number of learners completing the Cognassist cognitive assessment by 550%. This has resulted in 33% of their learners identifying as neurodivergent. Many of which could have gone unnoticed and unsupported should the assessment and support resources not be in place.


Nick Preston – Director of Quality, Compliance and Excellence at Educationwise Academy continues…

‘This staggering achievement is testament to the profound and tailored support enabled by the collaboration, which directly addresses the barriers to learning presented by neurodiversity.

‘The durability of this collaboration’s impact lies in its ongoing and dynamic nature. Regular updates from Cognassist provide Educationwise with the latest learner metrics, while quarterly Impact Reviews promote a culture of constant dialogue, evaluation, and adaptation to the evolving educational landscape.

‘A dedicated Cognassist Account Manager ensures clear and consistent communication, bolstering the partnership’s longevity. Moreover, the commitment to continuous professional development through webinars and masterclass training sessions not only strengthens the current workforce but also lays the groundwork for future educators to inherit and evolve this robust support system.


With judging taking place throughout April, and shortlisted nominations being announced on the 3 May 2024, our fingers are firmly crossed for a positive outcome.


For more information on the partnership between Cognassist and Educationwise, click here.