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What is the Neurodiversity Masterclass?

Our Neurodiversity Masterclass brings together the best minds in cognitive science and education so that you can fully support your learners and empower your organisation to succeed.

Whether you’re part of a university, FE college, employer, apprenticeship or adult learning provider, our masterclass series is designed to give you the tools you need to drive positive change.

The course is 100% free and available to anyone online. Complete all 6 seminars and you’ll get a certification on completion.

If you’re not part of the education sector, you’re still more than welcome to sign up and complete the masterclass, classes 1-3 will be relevant for you.

Your instructors

Karl Bentley


Dr. Louise Karwowski


Marina Gaze

Ex Ofsted

Masterclass summary

#1 Neurodiversity & cognition: an introduction 🧠
We explore the foundations of neurodiversity and cognition and how understanding these topics can unlock learner potential.

#2 Personalised learning: practical applications
We discuss the educational journey for apprentices and how personalised learning drives high attainment and engagement.

#3 Learning strategies: how to support learners
We share practical learning strategies that can help support learners to reach their full potential.

#4 Reasonable adjustments ⏳
Everything you need to now about reasonable adjustments. What are they? Why they matter. And how to implement them.

#5 How to be “Outstanding”: EIF best practices
Marina Gaze shares her top 5 tips for Ofsted compliance and we discuss how to maximise quality through the EIF.

#6 Say goodbye to clawback: ESFA compliance 📝
Karl Bentley shares evidencing best practices and we discuss his rules for avoiding clawback.

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Our graduates include

Neurodiversity champions

If 3 or more of your colleagues complete the Neurodiversity Masterclass you can apply for Cognassist’s Neurodiversity Champions badge.

The badge is a symbol to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to promoting and supporting Neurodiverse learners in their qualifications, at work and in life.

To apply – simply complete the course and email