Emmanuel did not know exactly what he was missing before he encountered Cognassist. He understood that something was not quite right throughout his undergraduate degree – he just couldn’t place his finger on it. While he had tried reaching out to his teachers, he realised that the student support systems were severely lacking and was left to navigate these difficulties by himself.

After passing through school and gaining his degree in Geology, he eventually migrated to England from Nigeria. Here, he realised that not only was the work culture different, which would require him to adapt, but he could finally get the support he needed.


Emmanuel meets Cognassist

In late 2020, Emmanuel was introduced to Cognassist as part of his Senior Health Care Support Worker’s apprenticeship with The Learning Enterprise. He had always loved learning, and the opportunity to not only get the support he required but also be given strategies that assisted him felt like a goldmine!

Understanding that he would need all the tools that Cognassist could provide him, he diligently engaged with his modules every month. It helped him learn, but the benefits surpassed his course and enabled him to fully integrate into a new work culture and excel at his workplace too.


How Cognassist helped him

As Emmanuel engaged with the strategies, he began to apply them at work and see the impact they had. He could see the difference in a variety of areas, from skills like leadership to project planning and time management. One example is when he approached high street stores to request donations towards Christmas packages for community hospital staff. He had mapped out a plan and timeline using strategies learned from Cognassist after noticing that the staff were not celebrated at Christmas for all the hard work they do.

Before Cognassist, he shares that he didn’t feel very confident navigating workplace communications, leading on a project or writing. Now he finds it easy to approach anyone and he’s happy to suggest internal initiatives, which are often adopted company-wide and get the most out of his course.

When it comes to coursework, Emmanuel says that Cognassist is where he turns to first. He often revisits his notes and current modules as a reminder of the strategies that he can apply to the coursework given to him. As a result, he endeavours to never forget to complete all his modules every month, to avoid missing out on learning something new.


His recommendation

Emmanuel highly recommends Cognassist to other learners for the immense benefits that can be gained from engaging with the modules.

In his own words, he says,

“I will always recommend Cognassist to other learners because they’ve got so many things to gain from it. I’ll say, if there is any learner that hasn’t been able to get assessed through Cognassist, I’m very sure that they are missing out and that their education is lacking. I’m not blowing the Cognassist trumpet, but it really has helped me tremendously.”


The impact

After many years of previous education spent not getting the resources or additional support that he needed, Emmanuel now feels empowered by the inclusion of Cognassist in his current course. He sees how it has made him a much more confident person, both in and outside of his workplace. He looks forward to enjoying the impact of Cognassist on his career in the long term.

In addition, Emmanuel has also shared the things that he has learned through Cognassist with his friends, who are looking to stand out in their careers too.

Emmanuel enjoys being a mentor to his peers and strives to become a team member who people look to for guidance. He understands the importance of having the right support in place and is keen to provide this for others so that no learner is left behind.

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