The science and mission behind it all

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The truth is: we all think and learn differently


We are all cognitively diverse: our brains are truly unique just like our fingerprints, only far more complex. We each have our own individual strengths and differences.

Our learning differences are based on our capabilities in various cognitive domains.

We know that one in three of us are likely to require extra support.

From over 200,000 cognitive assessments, our data shows that 35 percent of people experience more consistent difficulties with learning.

Those of us who experience these difficulties may be disabled. Some may have additional learning needs.

And some may not even be aware of their difficulties or hidden learning needs, but have had a previously negative experience at school.

Whichever group each of us identifies with, there are significant benefits from taking a digital cognitive assessment and it is one of the recommended ways to inform initial assessment of learning difficulties and disabilities at the start of a learner’s journey.

Cognassist: how it works

Our assessment works by measuring our cognitive profile in eight key cognitive domains linked to thinking and learning.

These domains include various processes that we use to understand, remember and apply any new information.

Through decades of research, neuropsychologists, cognitive scientists and educational psychologists have built precise ways to measure cognitive diversity using highly refined tasks.

We have adapted these tasks to a digital platform with the help of our Independent Scientific Advisory Board, a group of Drs and Professors who specialise in designing cognitive assessments and psychometrics.

Because we measure cognition, we use the term cognitive diversity as a way to describe the individual differences in our cognition.

But what we really want to talk about is neurodiversity.

To describe more broad diagnostic labels through the specific differences we experience in our cognition, and how this makes people experience the world differently.

Because our cognitive capabilities don’t exist on one scale but many.

Some of us are stronger in particular types of cognition than others. And each of us has a unique cognitive profile that breaks down our perspective on the world, which gives people access to meaningful insights into how they think and learn as an individual.

Ultimately, enabling a more personalised learning journey.

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