How to support Neurodiverse learners: part one

Understanding neurodiversity and cognition is an essential tool to deliver the best support for your learners.

In this practical tutorial, we share how you can recognise and support neurodiverse learners from end to end.

To help you deliver best in class learner support and transform learner attainment.

We’ll cover:

  • Introduction – what does it mean to think differently, why does it matter?
  • Understanding the human brain – measuring cognition
  • The eight key domains – behaviours to look out for and top support tips

Join Helen for this must-see tutorial that takes you through the first half of our How to support Neurodiverse learners guide.

We know that the written word doesn’t suit everyone, so we’ve created this tutorial for those that prefer to listen and watch.

Don’t forget to check out part two which you can find here.

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