Welcome to the Cognassist Reasonable Adjustments Hub. Here you will find everything you need to know to empower learners and employees to perform to their very best.

A thorough and robust program for implementing reasonable adjustments for learners and employees alike removes the unfair barriers that exist for many individuals, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Using our years of experience in the field of cognitive assessment and neurodiversity we have produced a variety of content covering the topic of reasonable adjustments in-depth. From bite-size articles, to in-depth handbooks, and even on-demand live events with other experts in the field, you will find everything you need to understand this important topic right here.

Reasonable Adjustments in Education

In-Depth Guides

White paper: Reasonable adjustments and beyond

Handbook: How to understand and implement reasonable adjustments

Reasonable Adjustments in Education

Insight Articles

What are reasonable adjustments? And why are they crucial for learners?

How to implement reasonable adjustments: Expert Q&A

Government rules on reasonable adjustments: Q&A with ESFA and IfATE

Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer BT talks about executing reasonable adjustments: Insider Q&A

Reasonable Adjustments Videos and Webinars

The Reasonable Adjustment Series

The Reasonable Adjustments Series #1: Implementation

Watch part 1 of our series of digital conversations all about reasonable adjustments.

The Reasonable Adjustments Series #2: Compliance

Enjoy part 2 of our series of digital conversations all about reasonable adjustments. Featuring panellists from the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Institute for Apprentices and Technical Education.

The Reasonable Adjustments Series #3: Execution

Part 3 of our series of digital conversations all about reasonable adjustments, featuring BT, Innovate Awarding former AELP CEO, Stewart Segal.

The Reasonable Adjustments Series #4: Outcomes

Hear from learners who have benefitted from the successful implementation of reasonable adjustments – not one to miss!

Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace

In-Depth Guides

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

Harness cognition to ensure no learner is left behind

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