Reasonable Adjustments

The Cognassist report provides guidance on the reasonable adjustments a learner may need in their end-point assessment

Equality Act 2010

Are you meeting your legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010? Legislation now requires you to take positive steps to ensure that learners with additional learning needs can participate fully in the training, facilities and services provided by your organisation. This applies both to training providers and the end-point assessment organisations which assess them. With Cognassist, you can ensure that your organisation is compliant. And that you’re helping to remove the disadvantages that many learners face in work and education.

DfE Guidance on reasonable adjustment

In 2019 the DfE released reasonable adjustment guidelines for the assessment of apprentices with additional learning needs. Cognassist was one of the organisations which contributed to this consultation. You and your learners can benefit from our expertise and from our understanding of how the guidelines can be applied to end-point assessment.

Cognassist cognitive assessment report

We have incorporated the DfE guidance into the Cognassist report so that it now provides essential advice to assessors and training organisations alike. Use our neuroscience-based cognitive testing process, and the resulting report, to get guidance on reasonable adjustments and really make a difference to learners with additional learning needs. We’ve made it easy with simple language and instructions tailored to the same 8 domains affecting thinking and learning identified in the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education guidance matrix.

Maximum time to prepare

For many learners, adjustments need to be made right from the start of their training programme. This gives them the best chance of first-time success at end-point assessment and enables you to put effective support in place. From initial assessment to end-point assessment, we ensure your learners are supported every step of the way.

Timely & improved achievement

Fairness is at the core of what Cognassist is trying to achieve and this includes learners undertaking their end-point assessment. Our goal is to remove barriers for neurodiverse learners by providing guidance on the reasonable adjustments they are entitled to. By removing these barriers, learners are allowed to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours on a par with their peers, thereby increasing the likelihood of them passing first time.
Our clients and our learners report greater success with Cognassist. We’re raising retention and achievement rates and working with our clients to ensure a high-quality learning experience can be provided for all. Now, with the added information and support that comes with reasonable adjustments guidance, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing and effectively planning for learner success.

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Reasonable adjustments and supporting learners with SEND – ensuring first-time success at end-point assessment

Are you compliant with the Equality Act 2010? You need to be making reasonable adjustments for some of your learners to comply. Sign up for this webinar to gain valuable insight from our neurodiversity expert, Dr. Louise Karwowski, on making reasonable adjustments and supporting learners with SEND.

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