Here’s how Realise evolved their learner support, reached 100% LDD learner attainment and built a kick-ass Spotify playlist.



Learner engagement


LDD learner success rate


Incredible playlist

The context

As one of the largest providers of skills and employability services in the UK, Realise really champion their mission of helping people progress. They provide their learners with the skills and attributes needed to be successful in the workplace.

Their programmes strive to help learners achieve and support businesses to get the right staff with the right skills, improving personal and professional productivity and performance.

Working in partnership with government and employers, they supported over 7,000 learners last year and have helped over 30,000 people into sustainable employment.

As Business Change Manager, Chris was tasked to ensure Realise were truly supporting their learners throughout their journey.

The challenge

Realise needed a robust support platform, which would give them the data and breadth of support required to help their learners.

They had a busy team of learning support staff, burning through days and weeks to make sure their learners were supported. Chris knew that working hard was one thing, but there had to be a better way out there.

So, Realise went to find a solution that would alleviate that pressure and help them achieve their ambition of helping all learners succeed.

The solution

By using Cognassist, Chris and the Realise team get the complete picture of their learner journey. They’re able to fully support their learners, from start point to end-point assessment.

They have mapped Cognassist to their entire learner journey, from onboarding all the way through to completion. Realise are also able to leverage best practices on reasonable adjustments to support their apprentices to achieve their qualifications.

After achieving initial success, Chris wanted to take learner engagement to the next level. Realise started running quarterly roadshows across the UK to share best practice and embed their process across the organisation.

Chris manages the Cognassist platform within Realise, creating a constant hum of activity with tutors which has a real impact with learners. He leads daily communication to tutors, with progress reports to inspire direct engagement with learners. Each communication has its own theme song, which is then added to their exclusive in-house playlist every day.

The outcomes

A fully supported learner journey, high learner engagement and increased learner support funding.

Cognassist gives Realise the ability to fully support their learners, across their apprenticeship and adult education provision.

By leveraging our platform, Realise are able to drive better communication to tutors and accelerated engagement with learners. With the support from Chris, Realise can now develop richer relationships between their tutors and their learners, improving learner achievement.

Realise was voted 4th best provider by Apprentices through the independent RateMyApprenticeship awards 2020.

Using Cognassist has also enabled Realise to draw down funding to further support their learners to achieve their full potential. Which is brought to life by their 100% attainment rate for LDD learners.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Chris is continually adding to “The Official Unofficial LSF Playlist” on Spotify, which helps maintain engagement with his team and keeps them focused on their mission.

You can listen in here.


Learner engagement


LDD learner success rate


Incredible Spotify playlist

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