‘Empowering Minds, Transforming MTC Culture, Reaching Goals.’



of the MTC Training Board completed the Cognassist Cognitive Assessment prior to their briefing. Collectively there was a prominent strength in the ‘Visual’ index.


of those surveyed identified as ‘definitely’ or ‘possibly’ being neuro-different.


area where change is needed was identified as ‘treating neuro-different colleagues as individuals’. Followed by ‘Raising awareness and shifting attitudes'.

The Context

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is a leading Research and Technology Organisation, (RTO), specialising in advanced manufacturing and engineering. It’s training arm, MTC Training, is a government approved and funded apprenticeship provider.

As a forward-thinking institution, MTC and MTC Training are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. They reached out to Cognassist to discover ways in which they could educate their workforce and develop neurodiversity cultural change in the business. Via the relationship with Cognassist, the businesses wanted to gain a greater understanding of neurodiversity, workplace inclusion and equity, along with best practices for creating and thereafter enhancing a neuro-inclusive workplace.

The Challenge

Having recognised the importance of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace, and legal responsibilities relating to the topic, MTC Training identified a need for comprehensive neuro-inclusion.

The goal was to enhance understanding of cognitive diversity, establish and promote a culture of inclusivity, and ensure the well-being and productivity of all employees. In pursuit of these objectives, MTC and MTC Training sought the expertise of Cognassist and our offering of cognitive assessments and training interventions.

The Solution

A tailored neuro-inclusion training session for MTC Training was created, combining cognitive assessments, interactive workshops, and discussions on legal responsibilities and reasonable adjustments associated with neurodiversity in the workplace.

The training session was delivered through an engaging face-to-face workshop, ensuring maximum participation and comprehension. Participants, including the full Senior Board, underwent their own cognitive assessments, gaining insights into their individual cognitive profiles. This served as a starting point for discussions around cognitive diversity and strategies to leverage strengths and address potential challenges.

Key components of the training included:

Cognitive Assessments:

Participants underwent cognitive assessments to better understand their cognitive strengths and areas for development.

This fostered self-awareness and provided a foundation for discussions on individual differences within the workforce.

Legal Responsibilities and Reasonable Adjustments:

An exploration of legal responsibilities related to neurodiversity in the workplace.

Discussions on implementing reasonable adjustments to accommodate diverse cognitive needs.

Best Practices:

Sharing of industry best practices and success stories from organisations that have embraced neurodiversity.

Practical strategies for creating an inclusive work environment.


The neuro-inclusion training had a transformative effect on MTC Training’s organisational culture, including:

  • Improved awareness and understanding of cognitive diversity among employees, leading to increased empathy and support for colleagues with diverse cognitive profiles.
  • A greater understanding of neurodiversity with the goal of it becoming an integral part of MTC and MTC Training’s identity. Working with all colleagues to embrace a more inclusive mindset, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.
  • The cognitive assessments helping identify not only individual strengths but also areas where additional support or adjustments were needed. This has led to more targeted professional development opportunities and improved overall team dynamics.
  • The MTC Training’s Senior executives, having undergone the training, are championing neurodiversity initiatives within the organisation. This top-down approach was instrumental in embedding cultural change throughout the business.


The Impact

The collaboration with Cognassist enabled MTC and MTC Training to go beyond compliance, creating a workplace where neurodiversity is celebrated, understood, and effectively integrated.

The neuro-inclusion training session has not only enhanced working practices but also positioned MTC and MTC Training as leaders in fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, ultimately contributing to improved innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

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