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Lincoln College evolved learner support, got 93% learner engagement and increased course retention. 



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The context

What is the best way to support learners with additional learning needs?  

Universities, colleges and learning providers across the UK grapple with this challenge day in, day out. Once you can accurately identify cognitive diversity, it’s essential to establish best practices to support learners, drive engagement and increase attainment 

More than 11,000 learners pass through the doors of Lincoln college every year. They’re one of the largest education, training and apprenticeship providers in the Midlands, providing over 1,200 local businesses with apprenticeship training and work experience.    

After implementing Cognassist in 2018, the college wanted to continually evolve their approach to learner support and truly live their mission of producing a highly skilled and productive local workforce through highquality education. 

And that, is where Jasmine comes in. 


The challenge

Initially, the college wanted to find a solution to identify learners with additional needs, help track and monitor the progress of their apprentices and find a mechanism to help fund the support they needed. 

After seeing strong initial results, Lincoln College wanted to fully embed the platform into their learner journey and learner support process.  

As apprenticeship learner support manager, Jasmine wanted to ensure the process was truly supporting learners from end to end. To ensure Ofsted compliance and maintain good evidence and governance. And to help each learner reach their full potential.  

The solution

Using Cognassist, Jasmine & the Lincoln College team is now able to fully support their learners, wherever they are in their journey.   

Every new learner takes the assessment during their induction. Thanks to our comprehensive training, Jasmine is able to discuss the results of our report and explain the information clearlyShe helps each learner understand how they think and learn and outlines the support available to them.  

With the Cognassist platform, learners can access four digital learning modules a month as part of their 20% off the job training target, helping them achieve their qualificationsThe college can now maximise the value that learners get from the platform by discussing learner reflections and the learning modules in detail.  

The outcomes

A fully supported learner journey, super high learner engagement and increased course retention. 

Cognassist gives Lincoln College the ability to embed best practices across the entire education programme. We’ve assessed over 1,600 learners to date, with new inductions happening every week. 

By leveraging the personalised learning strategies, learners have access to intuitive and digestible resources that meet their individual needs and course curriculum. With the support from Jasmine and her team, Lincoln College currently boasts 93% engagement from their learners and increased course retention. 

Using Cognassist has also enabled the college to identify learning needs and record the outstanding support they offer their learners. 

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