‘An indispensable asset that empowers our invaluable healthcare professionals to thrive.’



of LAS employees stated they were confident in ‘understanding their workplace responsibilities towards neurodiversity’ following training.


of LAS employees would recommend the Cognassist training to fellow colleagues.


was the overarching score LAS employees gave the Cognassist training they received.

The context 

The London Ambulance Service (LAS), comprising of over 10,000 staff and volunteers, is a critical component of our healthcare system, providing emergency medical services to the diverse population of London. In recent years, LAS recognised the importance of fostering a workplace culture that embraces neurodiversity and supports the unique abilities of all its staff. To achieve this, LAS embarked on their partnership with Cognassist, and our leading neuro-inclusion platform. 


The Challenge 

The People & Culture Team at LAS identified a need to address neurodiversity in the workforce; Acknowledging that individuals with diverse cognitive profiles contribute valuable perspectives and skills. However, the organisation faced challenges in understanding and accommodating the diverse cognitive needs of its staff, which impacted overall performance, well-being, and collaboration. 


The Solution 

The Cognassist platform presented a comprehensive solution to LAS’s challenges. The combination of the robust cognitive assessment and extensive training across the business, has enabled LAS to gain detailed insights into the cognitive profiles of its workforce and develop a workplace culture that encourages their colleagues to be open, honest, supportive of others, and truly demonstrate their strengths. 

The results of both the assessment and training are actively being used to tailor personalised interventions and make reasonable adjustments to support each individual’s cognitive strengths and address specific challenges. 


Cognassist worked closely with LAS to customise training to align with the unique needs of the business. The implementation process included cognitive assessments and training sessions for LAS staff and managers, emphasizing the importance of neuro-inclusion and creating a supportive environment. 

LAS incorporated Cognassist’s platform into its professional development programs, allowing employees to access personalised cognitive training modules via the platform’s user-friendly interface.  


The partnership between LAS and Cognassist has resulted in transformative outcomes for both the organisation and its employees: 

Improved Employee Performance: Employees reported increased confidence and efficiency in their roles, as the cognitive training interventions targeted areas of improvement identified through assessments. 

Enhanced Collaboration: LAS observed improved collaboration and communication among team members, fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment. 

Neurodiversity Cultural Change:  The partnership with Cognassist contributed to a significant cultural shift within LAS. The organisation is becoming a pioneer in embracing neurodiversity, with increased awareness, understanding, and acceptance of diverse cognitive profiles. 

Future Outlook

The success of the partnership with Cognassist positions LAS as a leader in neuro-inclusive practices within business. The organisation continues to collaborate with Cognassist to refine and expand its neurodiversity initiatives, aiming to set new standards for inclusivity and support within the healthcare industry. 

In conclusion, the collaboration between London Ambulance Service and Cognassist has not only transformed the workplace culture within LAS but also set a precedent for other organisations seeking to embrace neurodiversity and create inclusive environments for their employees. 

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