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Key Training

Here’s how Key Training went from “needs improvement” to “good” with Ofsted and aced their ESFA audit.



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The context

Key Training has spent the last 30 years building their community-led approach to learning and delivering a range of learnerfocused qualifications from business support services to admin management.  

Their vision is to transform lives and businesses through learning and development.  

Supporting over one thousand learners every year, they wanted to ensure they could live up to their vision, improve their Ofsted scores and ultimately evolve what they could offer learners. 

With a lean team and lofty ambitions, Key Training brought in Wendy as Director of Operations.   


The challenge

Although Key Training had a strong reputation and a good recipe for addressing maths, English and functional skills with learners – there were broader areas of additional support that remained unaddressed. 

Wendy knew it wasn’t just about maths and English. She wanted to instil a best practice approach to support their 700+ apprentices, 300+ traineeships and significant number of adults in education. 

Key Training chose Cognassist as the tool to deliver a best in class package of support for the learners across their organisation. 

The solution

Using Cognassist, Wendy and the Key Training team were able to embed cognition within their day to day working.  

After identifying almost 35% of their learners as requiring additional support, Wendy laid the foundation for strong learner engagement with a network of Cognassist champions across the business. 

The champions network helps their national team of learner coaches to work through interventions, reflections and accurately process funding applications for learner support. Working with the learner coaches daily helps to educate and inform the team on best practice and how to ensure learners get the highest levels of support.  



The outcomes

Cognassist gives Key Training an evidence-based method to identify learners with additional needsand evidence the support they give them. We’ve assessed over 3,200 of Key Training’s learners in the last two yearsWe ensure every learner receives our digital cognitive assessment when they start their programme, even those learners who aren’t eligible for LSF funding.  

Compliance and quality standards have rapidly increased. In fact, with the help of the champions network, Key Training was able to sail through their ESFA funding audit completely errorfree. 

Since implementing Cognassist, Key Training has been able to increase their Ofsted score from “needs improvement” to “Good” by recording the support they provide the learners with our platform and their network of champions.  


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