Information Security Statement

Statement of Intent

Cognassist understands that we have a responsibility to protect all data we hold or process, whether it belongs to us, our employees, partners, customers, or suppliers. By protecting this data, we can ensure that we maintain our reputation as a trusted employer and partner, enabling us to grow as a business and deliver exceptional service to our customers.

To demonstrate our commitment to information security, Cognassist implements industry best practice security controls and assure the effectiveness of our controls through certification to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials, the global standards for managing information security.

It is the responsibility of all our employees to become familiar with our information security management processes and to comply with all policies and the procedures that underpin them.

In turn, we commit to ensure that our information security management systems and processes are efficient, effective, and continuously improving to protect the data we hold while avoiding the reputational, legal, and financial harm that would result from a breach.

The Executive Board fully support the information security management system and require all our employees, whether permanent or temporary, partner organisations, suppliers, and contractors to do the same.


Chris Quickfall