Our Story


Cognassist was created with one idea in mind: to make sure no learner is left behind.




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edtech start up in the UK

Our mission

You’ll hear us say this a lot: we’re on a mission to make sure no learner is left behind. We’re passionate about creating a more inclusive world, reducing barriers to education and helping every learner reach their full potential.

Our ambition

Our ambition is simple: to create a world where cognition and neurodiversity are embraced. Where everyone can understand how they think and learn, make informed decisions about their future and improve their lives.


What’re we building? Education 2.0


What would it look like if educators fully embraced neurodiversity and a personalised learning approach?

Every learner would receive a digital cognitive assessment on induction to help them understand how they think and learn.

Tutors would have specialised training to talk to learners about their cognition, how it can affect their learning and how their cognitive profile can be their greatest asset in work and in life, wherever their strengths and needs lie.

Tutors would be able to make automatic adjustments to learners based on their cognitive profile from day one.

Digital resources could be tailored to learners’ stronger cognitive abilities to aid comprehension while also receiving support in areas where they may struggle.

Learners and tutors would work together to adopt new strategies and see what works for each learner and what doesn’t. Making learning environments more dynamic and flexible.

And we could see achievement rates sky rocket.

We’re on a mission to make sure no learner is left behind.

And we want you to join us.