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Join us for a range of events, hearing and learning from various neuro-inclusion specialists and employers striving for a neuro-inclusive workplace.

The Power of Neuro-Inclusion Webinar

‘Our neuro-inclusion journey’ from Centrica and Informa Markets. A business perspective Webinar

‘Our neuro-inclusion journey’ from PwC. A business perspective Webinar


If you're curious about neuro-inclusion utilise these resources to enhance your and your workforce's awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace.

How to support neuro-different employees Handbook

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations Handbook

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations: Managers Handbook

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity Handbook

Neuro-inclusive workplace accessibility audit

How to setup and run a successful ERG

Personal Stories

Hear from a range of neuro-different individuals about their experience.

“I felt liberated”: Alex’s Neurodiversity Story

Charlotte's Neurodiversity Story

Neurodiversity and Me: Georgie’s Story

Case Studies

Hear from Cognassist customers about their neuro-inclusion journey.

Informa Markets Teams Up with Cognassist for Neuro-Inclusive Workplace Practices

“Bringing attention to neurodiversity has been massively powerful”

"Cognitive empowerment now integral to Rentokil’s employee journey."

Free Training

Utilise Neurodiversity Celebration Week to begin or enhance your knowledge of neurodiversity.

Introduction to neurodiversity in the workplace Course

Manager responsibilities for reasonable adjustments: ADHD Course

Workplace guide to neuro-difference disclosure Course


Discover the range of Neuro-inclusion packages available to you and your workforce this Neurodiversity Celebration Week!

Neuro-Inclusion Packages