Upcoming Webinars

Our upcoming live webinars during mental health awareness week

Cognition and Mental Health Webinar

On-Demand Webinars

Delve in to our recent webinars addressing various topics aimed at educating and enhancing neuro-inclusion practices in the workplace to ensure every employee is supported.

Q&A with Dr Louise: Neuro-difference Disclosure

Q&A: Personalised Workplace Adjustments

Embracing data to drive neuro-inclusion

Free Training

In support of this year's mental health awareness week we've made the following courses free to complete.

Learning and Cognition


Our resources that dig into the overlap between cognition, neurodiversity, and impact on mental health.

Office-based workplace accessibility audit - Template

How to comply with neurodiversity legal obligations - HR Handbook

27 workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity - Guide

How to support your neurodiverse employees - Handbook

How to attract neurodiverse talent - Checklist

Handling Stress #1 - How does stress affect the brain

Handling Stress #2 - How to tackle stress in positive ways

Handling Stress #3 - 7 simple ways to help cope with stress


Discover the range of Neuro-inclusion packages available to you and your workforce.

Neuro-Inclusion Packages