Data-driven cognitive assessment

Advanced brain mapping technology

Our advanced brain mapping assessment focuses on the 8 domains of the brain which affect thinking and learning. You’ll understand more about how your learners think and learn so you can support them through their programme to a successful completion.

Full spectrum profiling

Full spectrum profiling ensures a detailed understanding of your learners and how they differ from their peers. Armed with this knowledge and the personalised learning programme Cognassist delivers you can build the learner-centred organisation of the future.

Online remote assessment

Our assessment can be taken online using a PC so it’s more convenient for learners, making your on-boarding programme a more efficient and effective process and the best use of human resource. The process is totally scalable so it can grow with your organisation.

Developed by experts

Cognasssist was developed by experts in cognitive neuroscience and educational psychology. We have combined the latest in scientific and education thinking with the power of technology to create an assessment that has evidenced validity for ages 16 and above. This means you’ll understand learner starting points, improve learner journeys and ensure Ofsted compliance.

Scalable for growth

Cognassist is designed to scale as you grow. So you can continue to meet all your organisation’s operational and quality requirements, and also meet learner needs and expectations, as you expand. The more you grow, the more value you get from the platform.

Learning analytics and insights

Performance dashboards coupled with insight into reasonable adjustments required and activities likely to need support. Leverage the data to monitor trends, track staff and learner performance, and act quickly to improve retention and success rates. The perfect tools to support your planning and decision-making.

Download our eBook: Understanding the 8 domains of the brain

In this short eBook you’ll learn essential information about:

  • How cognitive impairments impact on an individual’s ability to learn and progress
  • How neuroscience enables us to explore and understand how the brain functions
  • The 8 domains of the brain that affect thinking and learning including those affecting literacy and numeracy

[Cognassist] identifies the needs that we wouldn’t have identified before so just use it and.. out your learners as much as you can.

Abbie Hellyer
Management Information Systems Manager, Intequal
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