The National End Point Assessment Conference

20th Feb 2020 The Welcome Centre, Coventry

Join Cognassist at the 3rd National conference for End Point Assessment Organisations, External Quality Assurance Organisations, Training Providers, Employers, Trailblazers, Individual assessors and Internal Quality Assurers.

An essential event for all those involved in End Point Assessment

This conference is an unparalleled opportunity for all of those involved in End Point Assessment to come together to network and be informed and updated on the apprenticeship journey from readiness to end point assessment.

The conference will take a 360 look at End Point Assessment

Annual Apprenticeship Conference and Exhibition


The 6th Annual Apprenticeship Conference will provide business-critical updates, advice and keynotes for those involved in the delivery of apprenticeships. AAC, in partnership with the Department for Education, is recognised as the flagship national apprenticeship conference for employers and providers. Across two days the conference will provide over 1,250 delegates with an opportunity to access vital updates on apprenticeship policy, network with apprenticeship experts, debate how programmes can be successfully delivered & meet the needs of industry and much more. AAC is the must-attend apprenticeship conference of the year.

Cognassist will be exhibiting on stand A48 and we are also sponsoring this year’s SEND Award.

The Education Inspection Framework and SEND learners – improving the quality of your provision with Marina Gaze

On Demand Webinar

The Further Education and Skills Handbook 2019 says:
‘Before making the final judgement on overall effectiveness, inspectors must evaluate the extent to which the education and training provided meets the needs of all learners. This includes learners with SEND and those who have high needs.’
This statement makes it very clear that Ofsted sees learners and apprentices with SEND as hugely important. In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll hear from Marina Gaze, former Director of FE and Skills at Ofsted, about how to improve the quality of provision for learners with SEND.

You’ll learn more about:

  • How SEND learners are now high profile in the EIF
  • Why you should ensure that you quickly identify any additional learning support needs and plan learning to meet these needs
  • Why it’s important to individualise learning and support to meet learners’ needs and help them embed concepts into their long-term memory
  • Why impact is so important and how you can help learners improve, develop, and achieve.

Places are limited so sign up now so as not to miss out.

Cognition, neurodiversity and personalised learning – an introduction with Dr. Louise Karwowski

On Demand Webinar

In recent years, learning providers have become more inclusive and supportive of learners with additional learning needs. But there is still work to be done when it comes to neurodiversity, at the very least so learning providers can meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Personalisation is key to ensuring success for individuals who are neurodiverse.
Now you can learn more about this essential topic in this free LIVE webinar from Cognassist’s Head of Science, and neurodiversity expert, Louise Karwowski. In this 30-minute webinar you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how the ‘8 domains’ of the brain impact learning and thinking and how to identify and support neurodiversity.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Which processing ‘domains’ of the brain affect thinking and learning
  • How you can work with a learner to maximise their learning potential
  • How brain profiling works and how making simple changes can be transformational for the learner
  • How cognitive assessment provides you with a different perspective on your learner cohort

Whether you are familiar with the principles of neurodiversity and how it impacts learning outcomes or not, this webinar will build your knowledge and provide you with invaluable advice.

Intent, Implementation and Impact - Your Guide to the New Education Inspection Framework by Marina Gaze

On Demand Webinar

The introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and new inspection methodology herald significant changes for providers, including the reduced role of the nominee, the enhanced role of middle managers and the use of deep dives to gather evidence.

This webinar will help your organisation keep up-to-date and quickly identify actions to improve provision. In this webinar Marina you will learn more about:

  • The Education Inspection Framework and its application for Apprentices, Study Programmes, Traineeships, Adult Education and high Needs.
  • The changes to inspection methodology
  • The strong focus on curriculum – what it means in practice.
  • Evidencing intent, implementation and impact.
  • Demonstrating progress and challenge to learners.
  • Evidence gathering and the weight of evidence in the new methodology.
  • The importance of disadvantaged learners and learners with SEND.

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